Friday, June 24, 2005

Finally Friday

Well, it's Friday. Yes! Payday! AND, I actually did lots of work 2day. Stuffed envelopes, stamped um, sealed um, addressed em.. .ya. .. lots. Then, I got 2 work on bills. .. woo. . . .I guess it's good practice 4 the future tho. lol. Well anyways, so I get 2 go 2 my mom's 2day, and I'm sooooooooooo excited. We're just gonna veg and chill ALL weekend! I'm sooooooooooo excited about it. I think when we get home 2day, we just gonna watch a movie and relax.. . .ah. .. . But 2morrow we r goin shoppin 4 "camp." Travel size EVERYTHING, some sunscreen, and a camera. It'll b good times. Anyways, man! I've had a pretty ruff week! Everyday this week (cept 2day-altho maybe 2day also) I've felt like cryin hur @ work. My uncle don't like me workin hur. He's stubborn and hard-headed, so it makes it difficult. But o well. Anyways, the closer "camp" gets, the more excited I become. We gonna have fun. Most of my church friends r goin, so I KNOW we gonna have a blast! lol. . .fun times .. .similar 2 last year. .. .can't wait. Anyways, NOBODY is hur in the office, cept me and Granny. My boss has friends that she's visitin w/, my uncle is goin 2 tha coast, and my cuz just left early 2 serve a paper. So, Granny WOULD b @ the house, but she gotta wait 4 my dad 2 pick me up. So it's kinda quiet. But I still gots 15 friggin min. ugh! My dad is prompt. .always. . .never late. So ya. Well, I don't gots much 2 say, I was just tryin 2 pass the time, so I guess that all. I think I gonna get a xanga, stead of this, so ya. .. I'll let u know if that happens. ttyl. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Ally~

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Welll . .. . I gots good news and bad news. Good news is. . .I don't gots 2 tell Bryan I like him anymore. Bad news is.. .. .it's cuz he's got a g/f. I can't help but wonder if there is somethin wrong w/ me. I will always get a crush on a guy, think he likes me, and then find out he's got a g/f. Never fails. I think I'm doomed 2 b single 4ever. I hate 2 throw a pity party and all, but I honestly think I'll b 1 of those ppl who just settles 4 marryin someone they kinda like @ the age of 40 b/c nobody else is gonna come along. Sad, but I feel that way. I'm sick and tired of always liking guys that I THINK like me, but it turns out they don't. Usually, I can tell my friends when guys like them, and I'm right. But 4 my own fate, nope. . .always wrong. I feel like the only guy who likes me is Jerry, and I don't like him that way. I have 2 wonder if Jerry knew he had a g/f, and that's why he didn't tell me ANYTHING when he was supposed 2 have asked Bryan what he thot about me. He prolly thinks I'm a dumb, immature, weird, unworthy idiot. He's prolly rite 2. .. .but o, well. Anyways, I DID get 2 c Magen yesterday tho and she IS going 2 camp, so that makes me happy. I was sooooooooooo happy and hyper last nite till I saw Bryan w/ that chik. Then, I just lost all of it. I was sad and didn't really feel like talkin 2 ANYBODY. It was hard 2 smile. When I saw him after that, it made me feel sick. Anyways, enough about him. I NEED camp now! I need 2 just get away w/ my friends & have an amazing time. Magen's family situation is looking up, so that's good. I still encourage u 2 keep on prayin if u r tho. Well, I guess more some time. Bye. ~Ally~

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Church and Friends

Since it's a Wed.. . .I doubt if I'll get 2 post later. Church is 2nite. Yay! I sooooooooooo excited! Magen is gonna b thur! yay! I ain't seen her in 4EVER! So ya, that's what I'm REALLY lookin fwd. 2. Sure, the lesson is prolly gonna b really good, and the band is always rockin. .. but I Magen is 1 of my best friends, and having not seen her in a while, I'm excited. I'm also excited about camp in 12 days cuz that means I'll get 2 c 1 of my other best friends, Tara. She don't live hur no mo, she lives in MO. So ya, it'll b AWESOME seein her again. Well, the phone has been ringin lots 2day, but I ain't got much else 2 work on. Kwen and I had a bit of a Chuzzle battle goin on, but we both got tired of it and quit. lol .. I know "never quit," blah, blah.. . .lol. Well, I guess that's all I gots 2 say 4 2day. I started out w/ a ruff mornin, but the afternoon is lookin brighter. More 2morrow or later. Lots o luv! ~Ally~

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey there

Hey there. I'm just sittin in tha office doin nothin. My boss (well, the main 1 anyways) is still out, so I don't gots nothin 2 do. However, I did do a bit of database stuff this morning, so that was cool. Man! Got the burps! Dumb Dr. Pepper! lol. I ain't even really a fan of D.P., but it's all they gots and they all LOVE it. I think it's a Waco thing. O well. Then again, maybe I'm biased cuz my dad works @ Coke. idk.. . .w/e. .So ya, I don't know if I'll b able 2 post 2nite, so I decided to post now. My bro prolly went 2 my grandparents 2day, so we'll prolly pick him up, then who knows after that. If my aunt & uncle r there, then we'll visit for a while, but if not, we prolly won't. idk. Anyways, don't gots much 2 say. Hope all is having a wonderful summer. .. although I'm pretty sure nobody reads this anyways .. .although I still have this weird feeling that Bryan or 1 of his friends reads my blog. Freaky! lol. Well, that all 4 now. laterz! ~Ally~ P.S. Camp is 2 weeks from yesterday! 13 days! I counting! lol.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Blah-It's ONLY Monday!

Well, I can't type long 2day.. dad is goin 2 bed soon. He gets up early 4 work, so I don't blame him. Well, 2day was another day @ work. Same ppl, same place, same attitudes. There were only 2 "family discussions" (they don't call them arguments) 2day. So I suppose that was good. Then, we went out 2 c my aunt & uncle & cuzins @ my grandparent's house, but they weren't there. So we just ate w/ my grandparents and visited w/ them a bit. On the way out there tho, ya, we saw Bryan drivin. Don't know where. . .but we saw him. So ya, that was special. lol.. .jk. .. Anyways, I got 2 drive home and THAT was special. I LOVE driving! It gives me a sense of freedom! Cept when there's lots of traffic. . .don't like that. .. lol. .. Well, things are beginning 2 clear up 4 Magen and her family, but if u are/were praying 4 them, pleez continue cuz I think it's workin. Anyways, I can't wait til Wed. nite! LOOOOOVE church! And I REEEEEEEEALLLLLLLLLLLLLY hope Magen is there. I miss her bunches. I gonna call her here in a few min. Anywho. .. I guess that's all 4 now. O, btw. Idk if I posted yesterday. Ok, I didn't. Well, Bryan was sittin by himself yesterday in church, and I WAS gonna ask him 2 come sit w/ me and Jerry (yes, Jerry sat next 2 me-again), but the service had already started, & I didn't wanna cause a disruption. The lesson was good tho. O, and Tyler was there! Shocking! I haven't seen him there (on a Sunday) in a loooooooooooooong time. So that was an interesting/nice suprise. Well, I best be going. Lata! Much love! Ally. . .. . .. .. out! ~Ally~

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dull Day

Wow! My day was pretty boring. I went 2 my grandparent's house where I did nothing but sleep, lie around, and watched 2 t.v. shows. And the news. It was quite boring. But, @ least I got 2 spend time w/ my grandparents. Apparetly 2morrow we r gonna ty 2 go 2 lunch w/ them, and if not, we'll go out there in the afternoon anyways. (U no. .. 4 Father's day.) But, we gots 2 go 2 church in the mornin! :)! I love church. I REALLY hope Magen is there. I haven't seen her in a while. I feel like I should call her, but I don't know how late is 2 late. I just hope she's otay! I wuv her like a sister! Anyways, on a happier note, only about 2 weeks til camp! yay! It's gonna b soooooooooooooo fun! Idk if Tara is gonna get 2 go tho. I hope she can! THAT would just b AMAZING! I hope Magen can still go 2! We'll c. .. . but I'll just keep prayin about it and that everything is ok. I cried 4 her the other day. .. it's sad. Again, I say, even if u DON'T know her, pleez pray 4 her! Anyways, I guess 2morrow I may get 2 c Bryan. .. big wow. . .it's so bad I annoy MYSELF talkin about him and thinkin about him. .. lol. ..but I still like him. I know, weird right? O well. O, I saw my aunt and 1 of my cuzins 2day. Another cuz and my uncle were @ the Cabellas in Ft.Worth, so I didn't get 2 c them. My 3 other cuzins r all workin, so they didn't get 2 come. But o well. O, I forgot 2 ask Jerry about the Bryan thing on Wed. nite.. . .I guess I should try 2 do that 2morrow if he's off work and @ church. I feel bad doin it tho, cuz he TOLD me he still had feelings 4 me, so it's kinda like I'm rubbin it in his face that I like Bryan.. . .but he knows I wouldn't date him. Ugh! It's tuff bein so Hot! lol......jk. .. .sorta. . .lol .. .Anyways, I LOVE gettin comments and feedback, so leave me a comment pleez. I greatly appreciate any and all input. Much love! Laterz! ~Ally~

Woohoo! Payday was yesterday! yay! However, I had 2 deposit some money, take some out 4 camp, take some out 4 tithe, and I spent some @ Wal-mart yesterday on stuff I NEEDED! So ya, . .. I gots $10 left! Wooo! lol.. .. I think I mite go 2 the movies w/ my friend 2morrow, so that'll get rid of that. .. lol. .. .Well, it's really early 2 b postin on the weekend I know. But, my parents r in Dallas, and my cuzins r in town from Colorado, so guess what. .. .ya . ..we get 2 go 2 my grandparet's house. No offense, I love them & all, but they're kinda "square." It gets pretty boring out there. But .. . .they live kinda close 2 Bryan. . .maybe. .. . .. lol.. . .jk. .. So ya, they're gettin us @ 10am!...ya My parents won't b home til 7 or 8. . .so we're spending ALL DAY over there. . .NOT excited about it! But, o well. .. @ least I'll get 2 c my cuzins 4 a lil bit. .. .until they go 2 the wedding we're not invited 2. .. .I guess it's like my parent's said. .. I can take a nap over there. .. .lol. . .cuz that's all thier is 2 do. .. .lol .. . .Ah, listen 2 me complaining. .. so stupid. .. .sorry. .. Anyways, so 2morrow is church! I REALLLY hope Magen is there! I so desperately wanna give her a hug! She needs 1. . .. .but I know as soon as I hug here I'll cry . ..and she mite also. . .but @ least we'd b cryin 2gether. Ya, I'll get 2 c Bryan 2, but Magen is my main focus. I hope she can get a ride! God pleez bless that mighty child of yours. Anyways, I gonna start gettin all emotional now, so I guess I'll just stop. Well, I gots nothin else 2 really say. ..and I gots 2 get ready 2 go. So, I guess I'll write more 2morrow or whenever. L8r! ~Ally~ PS: I totally rock! (Just thot I would add that lil bit.)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wednesday Nite Happiness

Ah! Last nite was so cool and refreshing! lol. The presence was strong.. . and much 2 my suprise Bryan was playin the drums. . and walkin. .. W/OUT crutches. It was sooooooooo cool! Although, we were right by the speaker, so it was QUITE loud. . and I don't think I sit that close 2 the speaker EVER again. . .but it was cool. The band was rockin, as always, and the worship was amazing. O, and Bryan sat behind me. ..diagonally. . .so I could see his Survivor shirt (he won last year,btw), but not his face. Then he started actin like crazy ol' Bryan. Startin a clap and makin funny sounds, and just being. . well. .. himself. I gotta admit, it was funny, and I enjoyed it. Then he went outside and my dad started talkin 2 him. Course I was over there (but I was talkin 2 Hill) and we gave each other glances and it was super exciting! He can play guitar, piano, AND drums! Amazing! No big suprise tho, his dad is into guitars and keyboards, so it don't suprise me. lol. . sorry. . memories of last nite. . .lol. .good times. Anyways, so I'm devastated about Magen. She's going thru a lot right now, so even if u DON'T know her, pleez pray 4 her. .. she needs it. I know I will be. Anyways, that's all that happened last night. I gots 2 get back 2 workin now. So long. ~Ally~ (I just said so long. .. . .) :) lol. L8r.