Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well, I haven't written in a while. I'm back in my favorite place. . .Austin. . .but I don't have the internet @ my mom's. In fact, I'm @ the library using their comp right now just to write this little note. People are wondering who the friend is from my previous blog, well, lets call her Charlotte.. . .ya. . .now everybody knows who it is. . .but that's otay. . ..Ya, I hate that the rents have a prob w/ her cuz she's 1 of my best friends, and know that I've moved.. ..I've only seen her once since. .. we hardly ever see each other anymore. Anyways, gotta jet. ..but I don't know when I'll be able to write another blog. I'm off to camp July 5-9, so I have no idea. ..prolly the Monday after that. Well, I gotta go. .. that's all for now. More next time, I promise. ~Ally~

Friday, June 18, 2004

My First Blog

Wow! This is my first blog. It's kinda cool even though I doubt nobody will read it. Anyways, today has been kinda boring. Once again, my parents said "no" to me hanging out with my best friend that I've hardly seen since I moved back to the capital city. Wednesday at church, Tyler didn't seem to quite be himself. He seemed more. . .loose. .. and talkative. .. although he didn't talk to me. He DID however see me look longingly at him as he got in his car to leave. Brian won Survivor! Yay! He definately grew out of his awkward faze and into his cute faze. Part of me think he likes me, but you know, whenever I think a guy likes me, and I kinda like him, and I(or a friend)confront him about it, the guy freaks out. .. usually because that friend will tell him I like him and that pretty much scares him off. Anyways, so much for that. I feel so lonely. Gosh, I want a b/f. Anyways, I go home today and I'm very excited. I've really missed my mom and Sasha. I can't wait. Maybe I'll actually get to go swimming in my cute, new, bathing suit I have yet to wear. Well, I suppose that's it for today. I'll try to keep this updated, but I kinda have a problem with that kind of stuff. Hope today gets a lil more exciting..... love, Ally