Saturday, July 31, 2004

Check out my Acronym!

It's all true minus the creepy. lol


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I'm back!

Hey guys! Well, I'm back! Omg! I have Bryan news! Ya, my dad talked to him. Here's how the conversation went down. My dad:"hey Bryan. I see you talking to that girl from Belton a lot." Bryan:"ya." My dad:"Is she your girlfriend?" Bryan:"No sir, I don't have a girlfriend." My dad:"Do you talk to her cuz you think she's pretty?" Bryan:"ya." My dad:"Do you think my daughter is pretty?" Bryan:"Yes sir." My dad:"Well, maybe you should talk to her some time." Bryan:"Yes sir." That's all of the conversation that I heard. But ya! I'm, soooooo excited about church tomorrow. I hope he talks to me. I don't think he'll ask me out though,. . .... least not until he gets to know me bettter. Anyways, I went to Schlitterbahn last weekend w/ my mom and bro. It was soooo much fun! But, never go on a Saturday cuz it's ubber crowded. Anyways, I'm very disappointed that the "One" Conference is the 14th, cuz I planned it all out on being the 7th. I even packed a cute shirt to wear just for that! GRR!!!!!! Plus, that's the weekend of my best friends 18th b-day, so I'd have to choose church w/ some friends I don't see very often, or. .. .well, wait a sec. My rent probably won't let me go to her b-day party anways, so why even worry over it? Anyways, not anticipating school starting other than the fact that I'm gonna look really cute and totally in style. lol. I know. . .I"m crazy. Anyways, I suppose that's all for now! Ally . .. . . out! ~Ally~

My Roadway sign! Ya! lol

austinchik Highway
Bog of Eternal Marriage8
Tower of Commitment15
Lake Love37
Study Hall421
Please Drive Carefully

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Why? Why? Why?(the poem)

Why do they not like my best friend?
Why can't I make my own decisions?
Why do I always hae to choose in HARD decisions?
Why can't I have more freedom?
Why can't I CHOOSE who I date?
Why, why, why. . . will the mysteries EVER be solved?

Upset and slightly Confused.

I bet your main thing is. . ."Did her dad talk to Bryan?" Well, no. He didn't get a chance to. . . .but he might on Sunday. Well, my main thing is. I got to see my best friend again at church. I was sooooooooooo happy to see her. . .and I met her new friend who seems really cool. Well, she asked my dad if I could spend the night. Of course, the answer was no. I had to hold back my tears as much as I could until we got home and I got into my room. Just speaking of it and thinking of it I may cry. I wrote to things last night thinking about it. One is kinda a poem and the other is like a diary entry. The Diary one reads:"My parents HATE my best friend. They try to deny it, . . .but. .. by the way they respond to her and act towards her or when I talk about her, . . KNOW it's true. I'll probably never get to spend the night with her again. . . .or even hang out with her outside of church. . . . .until I graduate. But even then, she's going into the service, so I'll have to wait even LONGER! I wish I could do something, but I KNOW nothing can change a parent's mind. I have goosebumps and shivers when I think about the whole situation." There's more, but that's the important part. I wish I had someone to talk to. They are starting cell groups in youth, but only once a month. . .and always on a Wednesday night. It would be nice to be in one, but,. . .since I moved. . .nope. Won't happen. Nice try tho. Maybe I'll talk to one of the leaders about my situation anyways. Or, maybe I could talk to my youth pastor. Well, . .nevermind. .. he's a guy. .. I'll talk to someone else. . .maybe. I wish I could do something. I wanna hang out with my best friend again, but it looks like that may take a looooooooooooooooooong time. I can't wait until I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions. Well, I guess that's all for now. This is a sensitive subject, so I better stop before I cry off all my make-up. lol. Well, Ally. . . . out! ~Ally~

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Skies Clearing

Well, I'm excited. My friend and I are patching things up and discussing our issues. No guy will get in the way of our friendship again. I know, because we have it all worked out and i know that I know that we won't have issues like that again. I now look forward to Wednesday night even more b/c we'll get to talk and we are friends again. Friend or foe? Definantly friends now! Thank you God for getting us through this rough patch in our friendship. I'm just excited that it all worked out. Yay! Now happy as opposed to upset. . .Ally. . .out! ~Ally~

My dilema

Well, today is Tuesday. Tomorrow my dad will be speaking to the guy I like.. .. the same guy my previously mentioned friend likes. I didn't know it was a crime to like the same guy your friend did. Why me? Why is she overreacting over a dumb guy anyways? I don't know what to do. I try talking to her,. . .and she can have him if she wants. But, they aren't going out, so I'm still allowed to like him. You know, it's a free country! I can like whomever and whatever I want! I love this friend. . .I just wish she would grow up a little and level with me. I really want to make things right. . .but. .. it doesn't look like that' going to happen. However, I'm very excited about my friend Hillary going to Austin with me on Friday night and spending the weekend with me. We are going to have a blast at the mall and maybe the movies and getting our nails done. We may even get to meet up with my good friend Jessee and hang out with her too. Yup,. .. I look forward to this weekend. . .and tomorrow. I get to see my best friend again tomorrow at church. For the first time since March. O, guess what. She invited me to spend the night tonight. . .ya. . .immeadiatly got shot down on that one. . .then, I asked if I could just spend the day with her and I got an "uh. . .no." I hate that! grr! I love her soooooooooo much, . .. but the rents. . . ..grrr.. .. . Anyways, that's all I have to write about for now. As you'll find out, my life is pretty uneventfull, most of the time. Well, for now,. . .Ally. . . . out! ~Ally~

Monday, July 12, 2004

Friend or Foe?

Ok, so ya. I like Bryan. Well, one of my friends. . .who shall remain nameless. . .also likes him. Now, she hates me just b/c we like the same guy. I didn't know liking a guy was a crime. I tried to tell her several times, but I knew she would overreact. I love her dearly though and I wish we could still be friends. She can have him! As long as it doesn't cost our friendship. To this person, you know who you are, and your one of my greatest friends. It would be horrible loosing you .. .especially over some dumb, wacky guy. Please be my friend again. . .not my foe. . .. lots of love. Tearfully writing.. . .Ally

A lil more to add.

Oops, I forgot a few minor things. I was reading through my past blog's and I forgot to mention that I haven't seen my best friend since March. She wants to do something tomorrow, but I don't know that the rents will let me do something w/ her. How do you tell your best friend that your parents don't like y'all hangin out w/ her. ..even though she's takin care of you through think and thin. Guy trouble, friend trouble, family trouble,. .. .everything. Ya, my theory is that you don't. Anyways, my Tyler update is that he's now going out with this pretty brunette from church. As if! Her name is Brittney Anderson and she' sooooo pretty. I don't know how long they have been going out, but that could explain the strange personality change mentioned in my previous blog. So ya, that's that. I'm happy for them b/c they are a cute couple and I'm mature enough not to be upset. At least I know Brittany, kinda, and I know she's cool and fun and stuff. I've never talked to her, but you can tell. They'll go out for a while! NO DOUBT! Anyways, that's my lil update on everything. love ya! Ally . . . . .out! lol. ~Ally~

Lot's to tell. . .

Ok. I'm very angry right now b/c I had everything written down, then all the sudden, everything disappered. So ya, now I have to start all over. I'm very pissed, so this stuff will probably not be as detailed as it was. Sorry. Ok. So I like this guy from my church named Bryan. He's cute, nice(from what I hear), funny, and, best of all. . .he's CHRISTIAN. Yay! Anyways, I went to church camp last week(and so did he) and I had a blast. Let me tell you a lil about it. The first day I didn't do anything b/c we got there at about 2 or so and ya. . .they didn't open anything that day. So me and my friends, Hillary and Magen, as well as Magen's friends, hung out and just explored the first day. That night however, I got to know Magen's friends and we are now just a big bunch of friends. We hung out together the rest of camp. Well, the second day, Magen and I went paddleboating and so did her friends. It was fun, but kinda hot so we went back in sooner than they did and hung out. Well, later that evening I was about to take a shower and I saw Magen on the bathroom floor. Ya, she passed out. I tried to get her up, and we got an adult, the nurse, and then the meds finally took her to the hospital. Ok, calm down. She's fine. .she just got overheated. In fact, I saw her yesterday at church and she is fine. ANyways, so Wednesday her friends, Amanda, Kendra, Ashley and Maegan and I hung out together...and Hillary. Well, Amanda, Ashley, Hillary and I got a lil hyper and ended up singing. . .well, more like. . .yelling songs. ....right in front of the guys cabin before evening service. Well, Amanda said she was gonna ask Bryan if he liked me, cuz I mentioned that I think he does. Well, they ended up askin him if he heard us singing. .and he didn't answer the question. I was nervous for no reason. lol. Until now. More on that later. Anways, so before Thursday night service, I see Bryan, I think, look at me, then he said something to his roommate, who then stared at me too. I was very suspicious. Anways, back the the being nervous thing. . Ya, apparently yesterday Kendra told my dad everything. . . ..everything us girls talked about at camp. .. .. EVERYTHING. My dad said he'd set up the date, but BBBBBryan had to pay(lol. inside joke). Then, my dad asked me when and I said"...uh.....whenever, I guess." So ya, my dad is supposedly going to talk to him on Wednesday night at church. You'll have to check back on Thursday to see what happens I suppose. O, and on my best friend update. I might not get to go to he 18th b-day this summer. It's not cool that best friends can't be at each other's party. She's going into the service, next year. So, I may not even get to call her on her 19th b-day. That totally sucks! But anyways, that's my update. much love. and Ally. .. out! ~Ally~