Monday, July 12, 2004

Friend or Foe?

Ok, so ya. I like Bryan. Well, one of my friends. . .who shall remain nameless. . .also likes him. Now, she hates me just b/c we like the same guy. I didn't know liking a guy was a crime. I tried to tell her several times, but I knew she would overreact. I love her dearly though and I wish we could still be friends. She can have him! As long as it doesn't cost our friendship. To this person, you know who you are, and your one of my greatest friends. It would be horrible loosing you .. .especially over some dumb, wacky guy. Please be my friend again. . .not my foe. . .. lots of love. Tearfully writing.. . .Ally


Blogger Jessee said...

I think that you should respect your friends feelings, but I think you should ask her why she's so uptight about you liking the guy you do. It's not like he's going out with her or anything. I just don't understand, there has to be more to the story!

10:25 PM  

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