Saturday, July 31, 2004

I'm back!

Hey guys! Well, I'm back! Omg! I have Bryan news! Ya, my dad talked to him. Here's how the conversation went down. My dad:"hey Bryan. I see you talking to that girl from Belton a lot." Bryan:"ya." My dad:"Is she your girlfriend?" Bryan:"No sir, I don't have a girlfriend." My dad:"Do you talk to her cuz you think she's pretty?" Bryan:"ya." My dad:"Do you think my daughter is pretty?" Bryan:"Yes sir." My dad:"Well, maybe you should talk to her some time." Bryan:"Yes sir." That's all of the conversation that I heard. But ya! I'm, soooooo excited about church tomorrow. I hope he talks to me. I don't think he'll ask me out though,. . .... least not until he gets to know me bettter. Anyways, I went to Schlitterbahn last weekend w/ my mom and bro. It was soooo much fun! But, never go on a Saturday cuz it's ubber crowded. Anyways, I'm very disappointed that the "One" Conference is the 14th, cuz I planned it all out on being the 7th. I even packed a cute shirt to wear just for that! GRR!!!!!! Plus, that's the weekend of my best friends 18th b-day, so I'd have to choose church w/ some friends I don't see very often, or. .. .well, wait a sec. My rent probably won't let me go to her b-day party anways, so why even worry over it? Anyways, not anticipating school starting other than the fact that I'm gonna look really cute and totally in style. lol. I know. . .I"m crazy. Anyways, I suppose that's all for now! Ally . .. . . out! ~Ally~


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