Monday, July 12, 2004

Lot's to tell. . .

Ok. I'm very angry right now b/c I had everything written down, then all the sudden, everything disappered. So ya, now I have to start all over. I'm very pissed, so this stuff will probably not be as detailed as it was. Sorry. Ok. So I like this guy from my church named Bryan. He's cute, nice(from what I hear), funny, and, best of all. . .he's CHRISTIAN. Yay! Anyways, I went to church camp last week(and so did he) and I had a blast. Let me tell you a lil about it. The first day I didn't do anything b/c we got there at about 2 or so and ya. . .they didn't open anything that day. So me and my friends, Hillary and Magen, as well as Magen's friends, hung out and just explored the first day. That night however, I got to know Magen's friends and we are now just a big bunch of friends. We hung out together the rest of camp. Well, the second day, Magen and I went paddleboating and so did her friends. It was fun, but kinda hot so we went back in sooner than they did and hung out. Well, later that evening I was about to take a shower and I saw Magen on the bathroom floor. Ya, she passed out. I tried to get her up, and we got an adult, the nurse, and then the meds finally took her to the hospital. Ok, calm down. She's fine. .she just got overheated. In fact, I saw her yesterday at church and she is fine. ANyways, so Wednesday her friends, Amanda, Kendra, Ashley and Maegan and I hung out together...and Hillary. Well, Amanda, Ashley, Hillary and I got a lil hyper and ended up singing. . .well, more like. . .yelling songs. ....right in front of the guys cabin before evening service. Well, Amanda said she was gonna ask Bryan if he liked me, cuz I mentioned that I think he does. Well, they ended up askin him if he heard us singing. .and he didn't answer the question. I was nervous for no reason. lol. Until now. More on that later. Anways, so before Thursday night service, I see Bryan, I think, look at me, then he said something to his roommate, who then stared at me too. I was very suspicious. Anways, back the the being nervous thing. . Ya, apparently yesterday Kendra told my dad everything. . . ..everything us girls talked about at camp. .. .. EVERYTHING. My dad said he'd set up the date, but BBBBBryan had to pay(lol. inside joke). Then, my dad asked me when and I said"...uh.....whenever, I guess." So ya, my dad is supposedly going to talk to him on Wednesday night at church. You'll have to check back on Thursday to see what happens I suppose. O, and on my best friend update. I might not get to go to he 18th b-day this summer. It's not cool that best friends can't be at each other's party. She's going into the service, next year. So, I may not even get to call her on her 19th b-day. That totally sucks! But anyways, that's my update. much love. and Ally. .. out! ~Ally~


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