Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My dilema

Well, today is Tuesday. Tomorrow my dad will be speaking to the guy I like.. .. the same guy my previously mentioned friend likes. I didn't know it was a crime to like the same guy your friend did. Why me? Why is she overreacting over a dumb guy anyways? I don't know what to do. I try talking to her,. . .and she can have him if she wants. But, they aren't going out, so I'm still allowed to like him. You know, it's a free country! I can like whomever and whatever I want! I love this friend. . .I just wish she would grow up a little and level with me. I really want to make things right. . .but. .. it doesn't look like that' going to happen. However, I'm very excited about my friend Hillary going to Austin with me on Friday night and spending the weekend with me. We are going to have a blast at the mall and maybe the movies and getting our nails done. We may even get to meet up with my good friend Jessee and hang out with her too. Yup,. .. I look forward to this weekend. . .and tomorrow. I get to see my best friend again tomorrow at church. For the first time since March. O, guess what. She invited me to spend the night tonight. . .ya. . .immeadiatly got shot down on that one. . .then, I asked if I could just spend the day with her and I got an "uh. . .no." I hate that! grr! I love her soooooooooo much, . .. but the rents. . . ..grrr.. .. . Anyways, that's all I have to write about for now. As you'll find out, my life is pretty uneventfull, most of the time. Well, for now,. . .Ally. . . . out! ~Ally~


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