Thursday, July 15, 2004

Why? Why? Why?(the poem)

Why do they not like my best friend?
Why can't I make my own decisions?
Why do I always hae to choose in HARD decisions?
Why can't I have more freedom?
Why can't I CHOOSE who I date?
Why, why, why. . . will the mysteries EVER be solved?


Blogger Jessee said...

I understand that what you are feeling right now. Trust me on this one. When I was in this place, a great friend told me something I should know. He said that it feels like you have hit rock bottom, and you may have, but you now have something that no one else does. You have freedom, absolute freedom. You can do whatever you want.

11:24 AM  
Blogger CJLP18 said...

deary ally, i want to understand why your parents don't like your best friends what did she do to them to not make them trust her. but i bit you she cares for you alot and she want let you go without a fight because a friendship that you two have well last forever no matter where she is at in the world so don't you worry about your friendship because it well all work out in the end i beat you it in god, no matter what ally i am always here and i love you with all my heart your the best friend anyone can ask for and i know are freindship well last forever. always my best briads maid chika no matter what

12:33 AM  

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