Saturday, August 21, 2004


I had my first week of school starting Monday. It started off horribly! I was very stressed being in AP Physics, but I'm supposed to be moving to regular soon. Also, I didn't even have a locker until Thursday at lunch, so I had to carry around books and binders everywhere until then. I was soooo excited when I got it! I think I'm in love with a peice of metal! I'm THAT happy to have a locker now. It was that hectic! Anyways, I caught myself thinking about Bryan a few times during the week, wondering what class he was in, and if he was thinking about me. Oh, another think that's totally not cool. . .. I have no classes with Clayton(a*k*a Skittles) this year. I had a class with him freshman year, and a class with him last year, but this year???? N oooooooo, they have to make it so I don't even have lunch with him. Well, at least not this semester. So ya, it's not cool. Well, that's all for now. Ally . .. . .. . .out! ~Ally~

Friday, August 06, 2004

Weekend Goodbye

Well, today I go back to the best city in the world. So, that means I won't be able to write in my blog very often, at least not until I come back here. So, I'm sorry. Some quick notes. . . . I got my hair done yesterday and if I may say so myself, I look hott! Anyways, I'm going to my grandparents today. I love them! I just wish they weren't so old. Each time I see them, it seems as though they have gotten worse and worse. I hate it. On the other hand, I have suddenly fallen in love with my Armageddon Soundtrak. It has some classics you know, like Sweet Emotion, Remember Me, and of course, the popular, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing. In listening to this more often, I realize that Aerosmith is an awesome band, and Steven Tyler is a great singer. But anyways, have you ever noticed the serenity of a lake in the morning? I passed the lake yesterday and found it astonishingly beautiful. If I had a pen and paper, I would have written a poem about it. It was soo serene! No boats, no people, just the sun beating down on the small waves that gently swayed with the wind and crashed upon the shore. It was absolutely breathtaking! Literally! Anyways, I should be going now, for it's almost time to leave. Oh, before I go, my cousins are coming to visit from Colorado tomorrow. However, I won't get to see them. It's unfortunate, because I love all of them, and rarely get to see them, but I'm not very close to them. Although, I certainly wish I was. Well, there's always some other time. So long for now, until I'm able to write again. Ally. . . . . .out! ~Ally~

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hair, Movie, Food, and Church.

Well, as you may or may not know, I got my hair done this morning. I HATE getting up early. But ya, my hair took about and hour and a half to do. It sure does look cute though. I have blonde highlights, and it's styled with a little flip at the bottom, and slightly layered. Oh, and I have bangs. Ya, for those of you who know me, I know, but ya, I have bangs. There so cute too. To bad my face looks like I'm a zombie right now. But, I like my new hair do. It's very. . .movie star looking. Anyways, after that my brother, grandma, and I went to Casa Ole for lunch. I had the Taco Salad and Soup lunch special that they have. It was soooo good. I got chicken on my salad and the Tortilla Soup. It filled me up. And for those of you curious, I had iced tea to drink. Then, we hung out at Barnes & Nobles for a little while before going to the movies. We went and saw Garfield. It was pretty cute, but not something I would rush out and buy. Definately less stupid than I figured it would be. It even actually had a slight plot. So, all and all, it wasn't bad. After that, we went by Dairy Queen and my brother and I got those new Brownie Mix Blizzards. Oh my goodness! They are seriously rich and definately cure any sweet tooth with the first bite. They were awesome! I strongly recommend it to everybody!

Oh, for those of you wondering. I DID end up being able to go to church last night. My dad showed up, not long after I wrote my sob story. He said if we hurried, we could make it. I was definately thanking God for that one. However, we didn't have worship, which disappointed me, and P.A. wasn't there, and it was extremely hot. But, Pastor Bud gave a great lesson and really got me thinking about things, and that's when you know the lesson is good.

I would just like to take the time to say that some of my friends think that this blog is dedicated to Bryan. Well, he has yet to be mentioned. For those of you wanting to know, by the way, he wasn't at church last night, so he didn't talk to me then either. Of course, as I've mentioned before, maybe he was just not going to tell my dad he thought I looked like an ugly, old, hag or anything. But, I dont' think that's true. I see the way he looks at me, even if nobody else does. Tyler though, oh my goodness was he obnoxious last night. I like that he appears to be more outgoing, but last night he was just plain obnoxious during service. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Something has gotten into him. Sure, I like the old Tyler better, but I wouldn't mind if the old Tyler was a little more outgoing. Whichever Tyler he chooses to be, I just wish he would loose the obnoxious attitude. Good thing his girlfriend wasn't there. Anyways, tomorrow's agenda: Go to grandparents house, then go home. I can't wait. I have 2 friends I need to make plans with there. And Amanda, I'm sorry I considered you Magen's friends, y'all are my friends too now and I love hanging out with you guys. That's all for today. Until tomorrow, Ally. . . . . . out! ~Ally~

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Well yesterday was possibly the most boring day ever! But, the pizza for dinner was good. Anyways, today is kinda fun. I'm talkin with my friend Angie. She's sooooooooooo fun! The funny thing is I didn't really become good friends with her until after I broke up with her brother. But anyways, we're talkin and laughin and stuff. She's cool. Anyways, Hill and I are gonna be twins today. We are both wearing blue jeans, and our pink shawls. We aren't sure how we are wearing our hair yet, but we'll figure it out before 7. Anyways, I love church! It's so fun, and P.A's lessons are always great! I can't wait to hear what he's gonna speak about tonight! I bet it's really good. Okay, okay.. . .. . . .I'm also a little anxious to see if Bryan talks to me tonight. I really wish I knew if he meant it when he said I was pretty to my dad. I think he did, because I saw the way he was looking at me at camp. At least, I think he was looking at me. Anyways, so ya. . .that's all for now I suppose. Ally. . . . . . . .out! ~Ally~

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

More Bryan news

I AM SOOOO UPSET! Some people. .. .who shall remain nameless. ..are being very unsupportive about this whole Bryan thing. Although, I would like to thank the one's who ARE being supportive about it. The unsupportive one's, so lovingly pointed out that Bryan wouldn't exactly tell my dad he thinks I'm ugly! I had such high spirits about the whole thing until these people said these things . I realize, they could be correct in what they say. But that just makes me wanna cry, so I try not to dwell upon those thoughts. I just. . . .. I don't know, I mean, I THINK he likes me, but . .. . . .. I just don't know. I suppose we'll find out when/if he talks to me. I just keep praying and thanking God that we are going out and that he's my boyfriend. Those, are the thoughts I don't mind dwelling upon. Well, I guess that's all my Bryan news for now. Ally. . . . . .out! ~Ally~

This weekend

Let's see. Friday night I came back to the place of my birth. My dad told me the whole Bryan news thing. . .which I will discuss again later. . .and I slept well, cuz I was totally tired. Well, Saturday was our big street yard/garage sale thingy. Nearly everyone on our street was selling stuff. We didn't sell anything we put out, but that's otay. O, my (step) aunt, granny, and cuz came by because they were garage sale looking. Well, I got to hang out with my cuz who is now 5. We played Monkey Madness, and we ended up giving the game to him because he liked playing it so much. ..and my bro and I never play it anymore. So, ya. Sunday, of course, was church. It was a very hectic day though, because we had a Healing Service with free lunch afterwards. Well, of course, Bryan didn't get a chance to talk to me because he was working so hard. (The youth bagged and set up the lunches and tables and things, well, some did anyways.) And I ended up working in the nursery. So ya, it was a long day. Then, I went to my friend, Hillary's house after that and hung out. We saw a movie later on, A Cinderella Story. It was pretty good considering I'm not a Hilary Duff fan. Although, Chad sure was looking HOT in that movie. Of course, he always does, .. .so. . .it's not hard for him. Anyways, that was my weekend. More later. Ally. . . . . . out! ~Ally~