Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hair, Movie, Food, and Church.

Well, as you may or may not know, I got my hair done this morning. I HATE getting up early. But ya, my hair took about and hour and a half to do. It sure does look cute though. I have blonde highlights, and it's styled with a little flip at the bottom, and slightly layered. Oh, and I have bangs. Ya, for those of you who know me, I know, but ya, I have bangs. There so cute too. To bad my face looks like I'm a zombie right now. But, I like my new hair do. It's very. . .movie star looking. Anyways, after that my brother, grandma, and I went to Casa Ole for lunch. I had the Taco Salad and Soup lunch special that they have. It was soooo good. I got chicken on my salad and the Tortilla Soup. It filled me up. And for those of you curious, I had iced tea to drink. Then, we hung out at Barnes & Nobles for a little while before going to the movies. We went and saw Garfield. It was pretty cute, but not something I would rush out and buy. Definately less stupid than I figured it would be. It even actually had a slight plot. So, all and all, it wasn't bad. After that, we went by Dairy Queen and my brother and I got those new Brownie Mix Blizzards. Oh my goodness! They are seriously rich and definately cure any sweet tooth with the first bite. They were awesome! I strongly recommend it to everybody!

Oh, for those of you wondering. I DID end up being able to go to church last night. My dad showed up, not long after I wrote my sob story. He said if we hurried, we could make it. I was definately thanking God for that one. However, we didn't have worship, which disappointed me, and P.A. wasn't there, and it was extremely hot. But, Pastor Bud gave a great lesson and really got me thinking about things, and that's when you know the lesson is good.

I would just like to take the time to say that some of my friends think that this blog is dedicated to Bryan. Well, he has yet to be mentioned. For those of you wanting to know, by the way, he wasn't at church last night, so he didn't talk to me then either. Of course, as I've mentioned before, maybe he was just not going to tell my dad he thought I looked like an ugly, old, hag or anything. But, I dont' think that's true. I see the way he looks at me, even if nobody else does. Tyler though, oh my goodness was he obnoxious last night. I like that he appears to be more outgoing, but last night he was just plain obnoxious during service. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Something has gotten into him. Sure, I like the old Tyler better, but I wouldn't mind if the old Tyler was a little more outgoing. Whichever Tyler he chooses to be, I just wish he would loose the obnoxious attitude. Good thing his girlfriend wasn't there. Anyways, tomorrow's agenda: Go to grandparents house, then go home. I can't wait. I have 2 friends I need to make plans with there. And Amanda, I'm sorry I considered you Magen's friends, y'all are my friends too now and I love hanging out with you guys. That's all for today. Until tomorrow, Ally. . . . . . out! ~Ally~


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