Tuesday, August 03, 2004

This weekend

Let's see. Friday night I came back to the place of my birth. My dad told me the whole Bryan news thing. . .which I will discuss again later. . .and I slept well, cuz I was totally tired. Well, Saturday was our big street yard/garage sale thingy. Nearly everyone on our street was selling stuff. We didn't sell anything we put out, but that's otay. O, my (step) aunt, granny, and cuz came by because they were garage sale looking. Well, I got to hang out with my cuz who is now 5. We played Monkey Madness, and we ended up giving the game to him because he liked playing it so much. ..and my bro and I never play it anymore. So, ya. Sunday, of course, was church. It was a very hectic day though, because we had a Healing Service with free lunch afterwards. Well, of course, Bryan didn't get a chance to talk to me because he was working so hard. (The youth bagged and set up the lunches and tables and things, well, some did anyways.) And I ended up working in the nursery. So ya, it was a long day. Then, I went to my friend, Hillary's house after that and hung out. We saw a movie later on, A Cinderella Story. It was pretty good considering I'm not a Hilary Duff fan. Although, Chad sure was looking HOT in that movie. Of course, he always does, .. .so. . .it's not hard for him. Anyways, that was my weekend. More later. Ally. . . . . . out! ~Ally~


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