Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Well yesterday was possibly the most boring day ever! But, the pizza for dinner was good. Anyways, today is kinda fun. I'm talkin with my friend Angie. She's sooooooooooo fun! The funny thing is I didn't really become good friends with her until after I broke up with her brother. But anyways, we're talkin and laughin and stuff. She's cool. Anyways, Hill and I are gonna be twins today. We are both wearing blue jeans, and our pink shawls. We aren't sure how we are wearing our hair yet, but we'll figure it out before 7. Anyways, I love church! It's so fun, and P.A's lessons are always great! I can't wait to hear what he's gonna speak about tonight! I bet it's really good. Okay, okay.. . .. . . .I'm also a little anxious to see if Bryan talks to me tonight. I really wish I knew if he meant it when he said I was pretty to my dad. I think he did, because I saw the way he was looking at me at camp. At least, I think he was looking at me. Anyways, so ya. . .that's all for now I suppose. Ally. . . . . . . .out! ~Ally~


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