Saturday, October 30, 2004

What's new

Well, I started driver's ed last Monday! I"m sooooooooooooooooo excited! I get my permit on Monday! yay! WEll, the class itself is kinda boring, but at least I'm learning how to drive and stuff. Oh, there's a guy in the class from St. Michael's. He's a senior, and he's cute. He seems cool, but I haven't talked to him yet. Omg! Homecoming week starts Monday. Ya, totally don't have a date to the dance, or game for that matter. It sux, but, u know, I don't need a guy to have fun. Although, my dad claimed he would ask Bryan if he would go to the dance with me. HE even said he would DRIVE HIM 2 Austin HIMSELF! I think he's crazy! And I also think Bryan would say no, but, who knows. I doubt my dad would even ask. Well, if Bryan says no, maybe Phillip would say yes. O, I'm soooooooooooooo excited! Phillip came back! He had been in Virginia training in the Army for the war. I'm glad he's back. I missed him, and he's totally cute. Plus, super sweet! I hope I get to see him tomorrow. Gee, I'm seriously boy crazy. lol. Anyways, school this year is, well, different from last year. I don't like this year. I have almost no classes w/ any friends. I have 3 classes w/ friends. . . .out of 8 classes. Well, and there's lunch. Ok, so it's not that bad, but most of the people I have classes with, I don't talk 2 that much anymore anyways. Maybe next semester it will be different. I dont know. And one of my friends is really getting on my nerves. And I don't know what 2 do about that. She's kinda nice, but a lil abusive and she has a serious temper. I don't know. I almost wish I could just go back to Wako, just cuz I know I have lots of friends there that AREN'T abusive and I'm really close to them. I don't know. Well, that's all 4 now. ttyl. Ally. . . . . .out! ~Ally~

Saturday, October 02, 2004

News update

Well, nothing new has happened. Not at all. I'm still the same old boring person. The guy in my English class turns around a lot. We talk a little, but I'm not sure he's a potential b/f. I should pray about it, b/c right now I don't know. Oh, ya, yesterday was my b-day. ONE friend remembered, and she bought me a new purse. Oh, and I went to the game and we totally stomped those Trojans. But, they played a good game and tried really hard. Ok, changing the subject, totally wanna cry right now. As far as I know, my best friend has made no effort what-so-ever to tell me happy birthday. She hasn't called, e-mailed, nothing. This makes me sad, b/c I think she may have forgotten, but I"m her best friend too, and best friend don't forget. So ya, oh, and I totally am gonna try to at least say hi to Bryan and/or Tyler tomorrow. Oh, and I think I'm gaining weight, but don't tell me if u notice, cuz I'll totally cry. But I'm gonna work on loosing it, so it's all good. Well, thanks for reading my blog, those of you that do. More when there is more to say. Ally. . . . .. out! ~Ally~