Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Saturday, January 08, 2005


this is an unhappy blog, so turn back now if u wish. P.A. is leaving! Moving! Out of state! It completely depresses me! He was so great. He got me aquainted w/ ppl and encouraged me 2 go into the youth class. Apparently he gave this beautiful speech about eagles and stuff 2. I mean, Pastor Bud and Mrs. Kim are cool and I love them 2, but P.A. was the original pastor that I met. He will always b in my heart, and everyone else's, but it's soooooooooooo sad that he's leaving. I cried just writing 2 my friend about it and reading what she wrote about it. There are going 2 b a lot of tears from me tomorrow, as well as from others. It's just not fair! Pastor Ray is gonna preach now, and he's a good pastor, and pretty funny, so it will b ok I guess.

Anyways, another thing that saddens ME is that I'm STILL single! I have been 4 over a year! I guess I'm just not pretty enough or I don't party enough or something. Guys just don't seem interested in me, . . . . .well. . . ..cept of course the dorkos. I'm sooo tired of it. I want a guy that I can hold hands w/, and that will meet me @ my locker and walk me 2 some of my classes. I miss that. But I don't want a guy who's 2 clingy or anything, but not distanced either. u know? Anyways, it seems as though I'm making a personal ad or something. "If your single. . . .. ." lol.

On the positive side, my friend Magen, she's soooooooooo sweet btw, is having her b-day party next weekend and I'm gonna go. It should b fun.. . . .after we cry about P.A. leaving of course.

School seems so much tougher than it did b4 the break. They just slam u w/ all this new stuff as soon as u get back. I only have 2 classes w/ any friends in them. And lunch. . .but I kinda miss having 5 lunch. O well, u can't win them all I suppose.

Ok, my cruise. It was cool. I mean, I didnt really like Progresso, but Cozumel and Belize were awesome. In Cozumel we went swimming w/ a Dolphin named Donna and we got to pet her and kiss her and everything. It was cool. In Belize we went on a "Sights and Sounds of Belize" tour w/ the family. It was an interesting and cultural experience. In Progresso we just sat on the beach eating nachos and drinking Coca-Cola. Thier Coca-Cola cans r cool btw. Neat designs and stuff. O, and omg! There was a dude on the cruise who looked just like Tyler, only shorter. My dad nicknamed him "LT" for "Little Tyler." It was funny, and he was hott. Anyways, didn't do much on board but go 2 some of the shows and activities they had. A creepy guy named John like me, so I didn't really go to any teen things after that. But all in all it was a very interesting experience.

Well, that's all 4 now I suppose. So, until later. Ally . . .. . out! ttyl! ~Ally~