Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Friday!

Well, today was the same old usual day. But I'm excited about an English project. We have to choose a soldier from ANY war, dead or alive, and make a collage honoring them. I'm doing mine on my friends dad and she's pshyched. It's soo neat! I've never meet her dad, but he seems like an interesting, cool, and laid back guy. It's exciting. Omg! Tomorrow is Alaina's wedding and I'm sooooooooooooo excited! I might be a lil late, but I'll b looking cute! Gosh! I remember Alaina when she was about 16! Aw! Anyways, so I get to see Tara 2 and that excites me cuz I haven't seen her since she's moved to Missouri. It's sad. I missed her the last time she came. It was the day I was leaving for my cruise. I was upset, but @ least I get to see her 4 sure this time. I KNOW I'm going to the wedding, and I KNOW she's one of the bridesmaids. So ya, excitement! I'm also excited that I get to go to chik-fil-a. I haven't been there in almost forever! lol. My dad doesn't go there and my mom always seems to want to go on Sundays. Which is when they're closed. But anyways, so Jess promised to try 2 talk 2 me more, which is awesome, but I think part of my problem w/ communicating w/ friends is me. But I'll try 2 come out of my shell and talk more. I've done it once, so surely I can do it again. Well, I suppose that's all there is 2 write about today. O, today Jess's friend Dani ate lunch w/ us today. She's cool and funny. I wish she had our lunch, but o well. Ok. NOW I think that's all for today. lol. Ally. . . .out! ~Ally~

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, today was another ordinary, plain day. The only difference is that today is cold and I have no strange ppl surrounding me. lol. I keep worrying about my tooth. My root canal is next Tuesday and I'm sooooooooooo scared. I hope it doesn't hurt. I hope I get knocked out, lol... .not literally. Next year keeps looming on. ok. Did I say there' weren't annoying ppl surrounding me today? Cuz there are, but they're younger kids, not my freinds and their strange friend. I feel like I'm loosing contact with all of my friends. Hillary hangs out w/ her b/f more now, Jess has her own chaotic life, and Rae hangs out w/ her friends and goes to thier weekly parties. So, I'm kinda SOL there. All of my friends, cept Magen, seem to be loosing touch. I suppose it's partially my fault, but isn't it also partially their's? I don't know, but it saddens me. Tomorrow is Friday! I get 2 go 2 Waco on Saturday and go to Alaina and Joel's wedding! I'm excited! I haven't seen Tara in FOREVER it seems, so it will b fun getting 2 c her again and ask her how she likes Missouri. I gotta call her! Oops! lol. Well, I'm hoping that tomorrow is a nicer, more fun day. I hope something exciting, but not necessarily dramatic, happens. I need some excitement. I'm so bored! and boring no less! It's not like anyone reads this anyways. It's just a way for me 2 express my thoughts openly. I kinda like it. lol. Well, I suppose that's all I have to say for today. It seems like a lot of blah, blah, blah to me, but, o well, that's all I gots. Later! Ally. . . . .out! ~Ally~

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Well, today was the same as always. I had a couple of tests today and I felt pretty prepared for them. I have a lot of homework to do though, but I don't feel like doing it right now, so I'm just hangin out w/ my wierd friends and talkin on the comp. Rae and Alyssa and their wierd friend are having interesting conversations. I don't know who thier friend is, but she scares me. lol. Anyways, I feel as though Jess and I are drifting in our friendship. I can't do anything about it though, at least not 4 the next coule of weeks. I'm going 2 Tara's sister's wedding this weekend, and the next weekend I'm going to UMHB for Crusader Preview. I'm really excited about it. I don't think I'll be doing much but a whole lot of walking and sitting in on classes. At least I may get to meet some of the proffessors from the major I wanna take. Well, ok. Rae and I are talkin on AIM, but we're sitting right next to each other 2. Omg! Happy Birthday Alyssa! If ur reading this, which I doubt, but hey, I guess u never know. Well, that's all 4 today. I gotta go soon. Ally . . . .. out! ~Ally~

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Test, Journals, and Things

Well, today was the English TAKS. It was pretty easy. Except the composition. I REALLY had trouble with the compositon part! The other writing parts, I did fine on. But that composition was tough. Anyways, so I now have a Hi-5 account. It's a nifty little thingy. It's kinda cool. I have a journal on there 2, but since this is still my main journal, I'll prolly write more in this one, but idk. Well, happy birthday Amber! If u read this. I hope u have/had a good day. I'm sooo burned out! I'm glad I didn't have homework today cuz I totally can't think right now. I didn't even have to go to Algebra today, and I only went to English for 6 min! So ya, it's cool. I have to test tomorrow tho, and I probably should study for those. Oh well. I suppose that's all I gots to write about today. There is no new news, so that's everything. Until next time. . .Ally. . . .. out! ~Ally~

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Well, hello again. I haven't written since Thursday. Well, not much has happened. I only got to see the first Act of the musical, but it was really good! I'm hoping a friend of mine will buy the DVD and then just burn me a copy cuz I REALLY wanted to see the 2nd Act. The guy who played Billis was really cute. And everyone looked cool in their outfits. Friday nothing happened other than the usual. Omg! I'm sooooo mad! At school, Nobody can eat outside the cafeteria now! U can't eat outside or in the rotunda or in a classroom. .. .nowhere! It angers me b/c one of the things I like most about my school was that we had the freedom to eat wherever we wanted. . .within reason. But not much else is new at school. Today I went and visted my grandparents, as I always do when I'm at my dad's. It gives them a chance to see us and my dad at the same time. I love them, but they are getting old and forgetting more and more things. It scares me. Well tomorrow I have 2 work in the nursery. On my schedule it said I work w/ the babies. I like working w/ the toddlers better, but I do what I can to serve. I'm hoping I'll see Bryan. The last time I saw him he looked like a skater. But who knows how he'll look tomorrow. My dad says that he seems 2 be weird and my bro and I are wondering why my dad is just noticing. But he claims Bryan is getting weirdER. If that's possible. lol. Well, I think that's all that I have 2 write about now. Until next time. . .Ally . . .out! ~Ally~

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Musicals and more

Well, I just ate a FABULOUS dinner made by my Jess'grandma. Meatballs, salad, and brocolli. It was SOOOOO good! I still feel bad though b/c I'm on the computer while her and her friend are getting ready for the musical. It's going to be really good! I'm excited and I'm really glad I got one of her spare tickets. I mean, I still paid the original price, but I got the ticket and they're supposedly really good seats. I LOVE when they're in the center isle, which they are. Tomorrow I go 2 dad's. I'm happy. I love my dad and I love hanging out w/ him. I mean, I love my mom 2, but I see her daily. I gotta work in the nursery on Sunday. On the schedule it says I'm workin w/ the babies again, but honestly, I prefer the one-two or two-three year olds. They're fun cuz they're learning to talk and they LOVE to play. One's my goober. Ok. That's what I call him. He's so funny! Anyways, ya, Sunday and going to my dad also means seeing Bryan. Well, it pretty much means it. There's no gurantee that I'll c him, but it's possible. I hope I do. That last time when he looked like a skater it was really sexy. I mean, he always looks HOTT, but he could definitely pull off being a skater. Anways, mom's got an interview today. I hope it goes perfectly and they love her. Her current boss is such a jerk! He's so stupid he don't know his front end from his tail end. I hope this other job hires her cuz she needs to leave the place she's workin at. They're all stupind and make notes of when she's gone and stuff. It's sooooo dumb. Anyways, I suppose that's all I gots to say for now. Until tomorrow.. . .Ally . . out! ~Ally~


Well, I'm excited. I'm here at my friend's house. I feel bad being on her comp tho, but she's got 2 get ready for South Pacific. I'm soooo excited about seeing it! IT's gonna b so good! Well, I gonna go for now, but more later. Maybe tomorrow.
Ally. . . out! ~Ally~

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's and things

Well, I feel crumby! I HATE that everyone is talkin about Valentine's day and stuff. The only Valentine I got is my parents. . ..but I never, in my 17 years of life, have had a REAL Valentine. It must b nice for all those ppl who got's somebody. But it's TOTALLY unfair! I wasnt @ school on Friday. Thursday I had a horrible toothache, so I went to the dentist after school. Well, it turns out I have an infection in my tooth. I have to get a root canal! Ya, totally scared. They gave me antibiotics that are supposed to clear out he infection. Then, on March 1, I get the Root Canal. I soooo scared! But, @ least I'll b able to eat and brush my teeth and stuff w/out pain. But Friday I had the WORST, MOST AWFUL pain, so I didn't go to school. Instead I stayed at home in pain. IT was TERRIBLE! I was miserable! Luckily the antibiotics have kicked in and we realized Aleve was good for the pain. We don't have school tomorrow! yay! I got a 4 day weekend! But I would rather have gone to school on Friday and not be in pain, than 2 be @ home in excruciating pain. So, ya. . .anways. Gosh! I keep thinkin about Bryan and daydreaming about him giving me a Valentine's gift next weekend when I'm there. But I seriously doubt that will happen. But, u never know and it's still fun to daydream! so, u know. ..w/e. Well, I guess that's really all there is to say today. No adventures have happened yet. So, I guess that's all. Until next time. . .Ally . . . .out! ~Ally~

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, today is Ash Wednesday. I'm not Catholic, so I don't celebrate it, but I have friends that do. I kinda like to try the whole Lent thing anyways, just cuz it's good to give up some things. It's hard though. I don't know what I wanna give up. . .. hmm. . . .maybe I should give up. . . .saying cuss words. . obviously. . .and maybe. . .sweets. Sodas are ok, but no candy unless it's a mint. O, go me! I can do it! lol. U know, it's amazing. I've been here for over a year! I mean, @ the school I go to. I haven't stayed in one high school for a year! Oops, not true. I stayed @ my last high school for about a year and a half. It was long, but I really miss all of my friends. Cept my one really annoying wouldn't leave me alone "friend." And my Best Friend that I don't even talk to anymore. Anyways, today was like any other day. O, except that @ lunch, Jess asked me 2 walk around w/ her and I said sure. We ended up playing BS w/ Hannah and Ross by the end of lunch. Jess won, then Ross quit and gave Jess his cards. Then Jess won again! Hannah and I think she cheated twice. Hmm...I'll have 2 talk 2 her about that. Shame Jess! Cheating is wrong! lol. jk. Well, I'v realized I could easily go back to my old school,. . .w/out being uncomfortable or feeling out of place. And it MAY b possible if my mom looses her job and can't find another place to work here. I mean, I'm kinda happy here, but I think overall I'd b happier in Waco. Sad, I know, but true. But don't even go into that whole "so move in w/ ur dad thing." I love my dad, but my stepmom would drive me CRAZY! So, I think I'll pass. Besides, there's a lot of cool things here that they don't got in Wako. Like, a good football team, battle of the bands, and Valentine Soulmate thingys. I don't know.......Boys,. ..ya. .no news on nothing today. Just. . .nothin. As usual, but typically I would have @ least SOMETHING to say. Oh, ok. Here we go. . ..I wonder what Bryan will look like tonight @ church. Sure, I won't get to see him, but still, I wonder. I've been thinkin about him a lot. Daydreaming about him giving me flowers or candy or a bear for Valentines. I better get myself ready for disappointment though. I doubt if anything happens. Well, I have to go now. . ..Until later. . Ally. . . . . .out! ~Ally~

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Out of the Ordinary

Ok. I was on one computer here in the library and it completely shut down when I got on this site. But, at this computer it obviously works. How wierd is that? Anyways, omg! I saw "Skittles" my old crush, a lot yesterday. I saw him in the morning, at lunch he was in the same line I was, and yesterday after leaving the library, I saw him and his g/f in his old, beat up, Chevy truck. It was strange! Never have I seen him so much since last year. It's kinda creepy. It got me thinkin. . .maybe it's fate. I laughed @ that thought. It was just coincidence. Ok. About Bryan, I know I should talk 2 him. But b4 u give me advice, u should follow it 2. . . .those who shall remain nameless. . . .aoitnaoigaojesskontiauto. jk. lol. Today was one of those same regular average ol' days. Nothing exiting happened.. . .as it never does. Oh, except for the fact that one of my teachers, who shall remain nameless, had a complete breakdown. He told our class only that he wasn't going 2 be @ school tomorrow, he'd be back on Thursday and Friday, and he may not return Monday. U see, he teaches a lot of Freshman, just one Jr. class, so the lil fishes r trying 2 push all his buttons and they've pushed to the limit. I feel like going into each of those classes and giving them a peice of my mind, but I'll behave and try to refrain. Other than that, everything was pretty well the same. I feel proud of myself though. I feel as though I'm showing more and more of myself everyday 2 my new friends. Ok, not litterally, but emotionally and personality wise. I feel as though all of the sudden, I'm "coming out of my shell" and showing Westlake who Ally really is! It's invigorating and inspiring. I like the feeling I get when I realize, this is who I REALLY am. Yay me! Go me,. . .it's my birthday! lol. Anyways, I've written my friend (the one I've lost contact with) a letter, and I plan on sending it soon. I can't help but wonder what the response will be. Will she just trash it? Will she cry as I have? Will she just write back? I ponder these thoughts and more and more I don't want to send it. But I will. I must. I suppose that's all for today from the crazy yet boring life of me. I'll let you know when/if things get "juicier." Until. . .well. . .sometime. Ally .. .out! ~Ally~

Monday, February 07, 2005

No news

Hello again. We'll c if this library computer lets me type up a whole blog this time. I'm probably going to have to continously "save as draft". But, oh well. Ok. I officially had a great time @ Hillary's house on Saturday! She always helps me let loose and have fun. It's such a relaxed atmosphere. She's a terrific friend. As all of my friends are. Omg. Bryan was looked like a skater yesterday. lol. It was so. . .well. . .actually. . .quite hot. lol. I mean, it's not normal for him. But, he looked good. Omg! Scariest thing! Hillary's b/f reminds me of my ex-b/f Brett! It's absoultely, totally, 1 million % scary! The only diff is that her b/f is nice and treats her well. Brett. . .well. . .he didn't. That's a long story in itself. Speaking of the loser, I found out he's actually working! Which is weird for him b/c his mom and dad buy him EVERYTHING! I guess he just gets bored or something. I mean, it's great that he's doing "the teenage thing" and got a job workin @ HEB, but it's just weird 4 him. lol. It makes me laugh though. Apparently he's the carry out guy. lol. I can just imagine him in the ugly uniform and everything! lmao! omg! sooo funny! Anyways, so ya, it's creepy that Hill's b/f reminds me of him, but this guy is nicer, so luckily thier personalities are.. . . .well. . .mostly different. Anyways, school today was a drag. As it always is. I had to buy my lunch cuz we're out of Ziplocs. So ya, that sux. But I made myself a salad @ lunch and it was kinda good. mmm....Italian dressing...yum. Anyways, classes were boring. I have sooooooooooooo many test and quizzes this week! Every teacher is trying to cram it in, last minute, cuz it's the last 6 weeks of the 4th 6 weeks. I'm kinda glad this school year seems to be flying by, but it's also kinda upsetting. I want to be a Sr., but I wanna cherish the memories w/ my friends. Ok. Who am I kidding!?! I don't have many memories of this school year! And I'm impatiently awaiting being a Sr. and not having to work so hard. I also look forward to drving MYSELF around and taking MYSELF to school. It sux that I can't get my liscence until May, but @ least I'm getting it b4 I become a Sr. Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time. . .Ally. . . .. out! lol. I love that I do that! lol. It's so corny tho. lol. ~Ally~

Sunday, February 06, 2005


ok. I'm at my friend Hillary's house right now. We've been jammin', dancin, and chattin. It's been fun. She's got a new b/f and this one seems like a winner. He seems like he's a nice guy, but I haven't met him yet. Well, not in person. He's really sweet 2 her and treats her right. Now she's reading 2 him what I'm writing. It's funny. I wonder what he's thinking. Say something Danny. Ok,. . .or not. lol. We have this kind of wierd thing. The 3 of us keep tell each other that we are weirder than the other. It's a fun kind of kiddin around game. Ok. It's officially wierd that she's reading this 2 him AS I'M TYPING IT. It's kinda funny tho @ the same time. Anyways, she keeps tellin me that this dude is totally hott. He says "I love u" 2 her all the time. It's soooooooo sweet! I wanna guy like that. If u r one, reading this, let me know. Anyways, officially embarrased now. Gonna go back 2 dancin, listenin 2 music, and talkin about Hill's new b/f. ttyl. Until . . . .sometime. Ally . . . .out! ~Ally~

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Well, I feel horrible. I got 2 thinkin. I don't know that I can be friends w/ a really good freind of mine anymore. She'll remain nameless 4 the present time, but it saddens me. She was a great friend last year and Freshman year, but now we don't talk anymore. Since I've moved, she's become a work-a-holic and ppl say she's changed. It's depressing b/c we used 2 talk about being Friends Forever and going 2 Proms togther, going 2 the same college. But it doesn't look like that's going 2 happen. Her plans have changed. It saddens me. I know it's late, but I just had to write about how I feel. I'm wanting 2 cry I'm sooo upset about this. Every time I call, she's working or busy. Whenver she calls,....well....she doesn't call. I'm losing a great friend over 100 miles of land! This totally sux! Well, I suppose that's all 4 now. Until next time. Ally. . .. . out! ~Ally~


Well, it's sad that I don't get to update this thing very often. But it means I have a lot 2 write. Ok. Well, I still haven't talked to Bryan, and still don't have a b/f. THat pretty much sums it all up. Jk. I got 2 thinkin the other day. I don't really talk 2 much of my friendds like I used 2. I mean, I used to be really close to most of them and talk 2 them all the time. And I still do, but. . .it's just not the same. I used 2 b really close 2 Jess. SHe was like my best friend, but now, since I've moved, it's just not quite the same. But I know there will always b people like Hillary and Tara and Magen who will never change that much. Sure, they'll change, but it won't b so drastic that our conversations won't be the same. I've gotten used to change, but I'm still not comfortable with it. Oh, big news. I'm seriously thinkin about going 2 UMHB for college. It's a great Christian, well, Baptist-based school. I'm not Baptist, but u don't have 2 b 2 go there. My cousin(step) goes there and she loves it. She likes the smaller classes, which I know I'll enjoy and she already knows all of the accounting teachers. Which is the field of work I plan on going into. They have Crusader Preview in March. I can't wait to go! It will b fun stayin in a dorm over night and sittin in on classes and stuff. I look forward 2 it w/ great enthusiasm. I think that's where I REALLY want 2 go 2 college. But, we'll c. Who knows. I just pray that I get accepted when the time comes. Well, that's I really have 2 talk about since the last time I updated. More when news comes. But 4 now......Ally. . . . .out! lol. !~Ally~