Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Friday!

Well, today was the same old usual day. But I'm excited about an English project. We have to choose a soldier from ANY war, dead or alive, and make a collage honoring them. I'm doing mine on my friends dad and she's pshyched. It's soo neat! I've never meet her dad, but he seems like an interesting, cool, and laid back guy. It's exciting. Omg! Tomorrow is Alaina's wedding and I'm sooooooooooooo excited! I might be a lil late, but I'll b looking cute! Gosh! I remember Alaina when she was about 16! Aw! Anyways, so I get to see Tara 2 and that excites me cuz I haven't seen her since she's moved to Missouri. It's sad. I missed her the last time she came. It was the day I was leaving for my cruise. I was upset, but @ least I get to see her 4 sure this time. I KNOW I'm going to the wedding, and I KNOW she's one of the bridesmaids. So ya, excitement! I'm also excited that I get to go to chik-fil-a. I haven't been there in almost forever! lol. My dad doesn't go there and my mom always seems to want to go on Sundays. Which is when they're closed. But anyways, so Jess promised to try 2 talk 2 me more, which is awesome, but I think part of my problem w/ communicating w/ friends is me. But I'll try 2 come out of my shell and talk more. I've done it once, so surely I can do it again. Well, I suppose that's all there is 2 write about today. O, today Jess's friend Dani ate lunch w/ us today. She's cool and funny. I wish she had our lunch, but o well. Ok. NOW I think that's all for today. lol. Ally. . . .out! ~Ally~


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