Sunday, February 06, 2005


ok. I'm at my friend Hillary's house right now. We've been jammin', dancin, and chattin. It's been fun. She's got a new b/f and this one seems like a winner. He seems like he's a nice guy, but I haven't met him yet. Well, not in person. He's really sweet 2 her and treats her right. Now she's reading 2 him what I'm writing. It's funny. I wonder what he's thinking. Say something Danny. Ok,. . .or not. lol. We have this kind of wierd thing. The 3 of us keep tell each other that we are weirder than the other. It's a fun kind of kiddin around game. Ok. It's officially wierd that she's reading this 2 him AS I'M TYPING IT. It's kinda funny tho @ the same time. Anyways, she keeps tellin me that this dude is totally hott. He says "I love u" 2 her all the time. It's soooooooo sweet! I wanna guy like that. If u r one, reading this, let me know. Anyways, officially embarrased now. Gonna go back 2 dancin, listenin 2 music, and talkin about Hill's new b/f. ttyl. Until . . . .sometime. Ally . . . .out! ~Ally~


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