Monday, February 07, 2005

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Hello again. We'll c if this library computer lets me type up a whole blog this time. I'm probably going to have to continously "save as draft". But, oh well. Ok. I officially had a great time @ Hillary's house on Saturday! She always helps me let loose and have fun. It's such a relaxed atmosphere. She's a terrific friend. As all of my friends are. Omg. Bryan was looked like a skater yesterday. lol. It was so. . .well. . .actually. . .quite hot. lol. I mean, it's not normal for him. But, he looked good. Omg! Scariest thing! Hillary's b/f reminds me of my ex-b/f Brett! It's absoultely, totally, 1 million % scary! The only diff is that her b/f is nice and treats her well. Brett. . .well. . .he didn't. That's a long story in itself. Speaking of the loser, I found out he's actually working! Which is weird for him b/c his mom and dad buy him EVERYTHING! I guess he just gets bored or something. I mean, it's great that he's doing "the teenage thing" and got a job workin @ HEB, but it's just weird 4 him. lol. It makes me laugh though. Apparently he's the carry out guy. lol. I can just imagine him in the ugly uniform and everything! lmao! omg! sooo funny! Anyways, so ya, it's creepy that Hill's b/f reminds me of him, but this guy is nicer, so luckily thier personalities are.. . . .well. . .mostly different. Anyways, school today was a drag. As it always is. I had to buy my lunch cuz we're out of Ziplocs. So ya, that sux. But I made myself a salad @ lunch and it was kinda good. mmm....Italian dressing...yum. Anyways, classes were boring. I have sooooooooooooo many test and quizzes this week! Every teacher is trying to cram it in, last minute, cuz it's the last 6 weeks of the 4th 6 weeks. I'm kinda glad this school year seems to be flying by, but it's also kinda upsetting. I want to be a Sr., but I wanna cherish the memories w/ my friends. Ok. Who am I kidding!?! I don't have many memories of this school year! And I'm impatiently awaiting being a Sr. and not having to work so hard. I also look forward to drving MYSELF around and taking MYSELF to school. It sux that I can't get my liscence until May, but @ least I'm getting it b4 I become a Sr. Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time. . .Ally. . . .. out! lol. I love that I do that! lol. It's so corny tho. lol. ~Ally~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey girl this is angie! i just wanna say hi ttul! bye take care

6:28 PM  
Blogger Jessee said...

I think we all secretly want to cling to what we have even if it isnt great. I think we have a resist change gene, but you are absolutely right about being a Senior. I can't wait to count down the days until graduation, but at the same time I can't see myself living on my own. It's scary. I'm so glad that you have roots with someone who lets you be yourself. I have to say that I'm jealous. I don't even know what I'm like anymore. One more thing, TALK TO HIM!!!! I'll come to waco and help you out in a not good way if you dont get it together! I know, I know, I should take my own advice, ya? Well, I dont have to because I'm the one giving it!!!!! YAHOO!

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