Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Out of the Ordinary

Ok. I was on one computer here in the library and it completely shut down when I got on this site. But, at this computer it obviously works. How wierd is that? Anyways, omg! I saw "Skittles" my old crush, a lot yesterday. I saw him in the morning, at lunch he was in the same line I was, and yesterday after leaving the library, I saw him and his g/f in his old, beat up, Chevy truck. It was strange! Never have I seen him so much since last year. It's kinda creepy. It got me thinkin. . .maybe it's fate. I laughed @ that thought. It was just coincidence. Ok. About Bryan, I know I should talk 2 him. But b4 u give me advice, u should follow it 2. . . .those who shall remain nameless. . . .aoitnaoigaojesskontiauto. jk. lol. Today was one of those same regular average ol' days. Nothing exiting happened.. . .as it never does. Oh, except for the fact that one of my teachers, who shall remain nameless, had a complete breakdown. He told our class only that he wasn't going 2 be @ school tomorrow, he'd be back on Thursday and Friday, and he may not return Monday. U see, he teaches a lot of Freshman, just one Jr. class, so the lil fishes r trying 2 push all his buttons and they've pushed to the limit. I feel like going into each of those classes and giving them a peice of my mind, but I'll behave and try to refrain. Other than that, everything was pretty well the same. I feel proud of myself though. I feel as though I'm showing more and more of myself everyday 2 my new friends. Ok, not litterally, but emotionally and personality wise. I feel as though all of the sudden, I'm "coming out of my shell" and showing Westlake who Ally really is! It's invigorating and inspiring. I like the feeling I get when I realize, this is who I REALLY am. Yay me! Go me,. . .it's my birthday! lol. Anyways, I've written my friend (the one I've lost contact with) a letter, and I plan on sending it soon. I can't help but wonder what the response will be. Will she just trash it? Will she cry as I have? Will she just write back? I ponder these thoughts and more and more I don't want to send it. But I will. I must. I suppose that's all for today from the crazy yet boring life of me. I'll let you know when/if things get "juicier." Until. . .well. . .sometime. Ally .. .out! ~Ally~


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