Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Test, Journals, and Things

Well, today was the English TAKS. It was pretty easy. Except the composition. I REALLY had trouble with the compositon part! The other writing parts, I did fine on. But that composition was tough. Anyways, so I now have a Hi-5 account. It's a nifty little thingy. It's kinda cool. I have a journal on there 2, but since this is still my main journal, I'll prolly write more in this one, but idk. Well, happy birthday Amber! If u read this. I hope u have/had a good day. I'm sooo burned out! I'm glad I didn't have homework today cuz I totally can't think right now. I didn't even have to go to Algebra today, and I only went to English for 6 min! So ya, it's cool. I have to test tomorrow tho, and I probably should study for those. Oh well. I suppose that's all I gots to write about today. There is no new news, so that's everything. Until next time. . .Ally. . . .. out! ~Ally~


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