Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Hey. Today was another one of those mostly average days. Except that we had a drunk driving demonstration today. There "was a car crash" in the parking lot by the offices. It was staged, but it was pretty good.. . .of what I could see. I had trouble seeing over other ppl, but ppl said that 1 person "died" and I saw 2 that were "injured" and placed in the ambulance. I also saw "the drunk driver" get arrested and put in the police car. Then we all proceded to the FAF and this guy(whose son died 5 years ago) discussed his son's tragedy. I didn't quite understand though. The guy said his son told him he was gonna party and do stupid stuff (like drink and do drugs) throughout high school, and then he would "get serious" after he graduated. He argued that his dad did the same thing, so he could 2. So apparently, the dad KNEW that his son was getting wasted sometimes. How STUPID! My parent's would KILL ME! It was sooooooooo dumb! Then some of "the living dead" ppl read letters that they had written to their family members about their deaths and stuff. THAT part was kinda sad. I mean, it was kinda sad over all cuz u think about "what if that was my friend?" U know? Idk. Anyways, so tomorrow is Jr. Career day so I get to miss 1st and 2nd pd. (Algebra II and Spanish III) yay! lol. So that will b kinda fun I suppose. Anyways, I guess that's all I gots to say 4 now. Until tomorrow. . .. Ally . .. . (this is so stupid, why do I do it?). . .. out! ~Ally~


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