Friday, March 18, 2005

Blast from the Past

Wow! U know, I was reading back through my other blogs. There's a few things I forgot to mention. My cousin got married about a month ago. I didn't get to go 2 the wedding, but I heard it was beautiful. Also, I realized, I've liked Bryan for over a year! I first started talkin about him in June, and then a LOT in July.. . and. .. .wow! I remember 1st liking him in Feb. and being upset cuz that's when we moved. I have 2 wonder, still, if what he said 2 my dad about thinkin I was pretty is true. I mean, honestly, ur a guy and some chix dad comes up and asks if u think his daughter is pretty. . .. r u gonna say NO????????????? I doubt it! I'm not a guy, but that would b my guess! Anyways, I'm thinkin that maybe I should just write Bryan a letter tellin him how I feel and askin him out and just give it 2 him on Easter Sunday. But, part of me thinks that's a stupid idea, so idk. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Anyways, sorry I've written so much today. I got a lot on my mind. No more til tomorrow or later, I promise! Ally .. . .. . .. out! ~Ally~


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