Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boring Day!

Well, I'm extremely bored! Shaun and I have been takin turns on the comp, but none of our friends r on & that makes it EXTREMELY BORING! We watched part of Shanghai Noon, but I think that movie is kinda boring. Then our mom called, and it was nice getting to talk 2 her. O, geez. I gotta call Hill back! I might go 2 her house today. That would b fun and cool! Then on Wed. she can help me get all cute for u know who 4 church on Wed. night. I hope he's there. And I hope Heather's Chris is. She missed him last week, so I hope he goes tomorrow so she can see him. She really likes him. . .like I like Bryan. . ..so I can sorta understand how she feels. Anyways.. . .gotta call Hill. ..brb.. . .. Ok. THAT was kinda rude! I called and someone hung up on me! Ok, now I just called her cell and she told me 2 call her home phone! I confused! O well. So ya, as u can tell, I'm extremely bored and I'm just kinda rambling. Anyways, so I guess that's all the blah, blah, blah, I gotta type. I need to get ready and take off this fingernail polish. I mean, I may be getting ready 2 go NOWHERE, but I still gots to shower and stuff. Much love! Ttyl! ~Ally~


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