Monday, March 07, 2005

College and Boys

First of all, Friday I went to UMHB. I was just kinda iffy about it @ first, but now, . . ..I LOVE IT! I've applied, and I hope they accept me. But, I haven't taken the SAT or ACT tests yet, so idk. But ya, I REALLY wanna be a Crusader. My host, Sarah, was soooooooooo nice and sweet! She made sure I had fun. She always asked what I wanted to do. . .she didn't care what her friend's said. THe concert ws THE BEST! I'd never even HEARD of Tree63, and now I LOVE THEM! I want thier CD soooooooooooo bad! And Paul Coleman. He was awesome 2! yay! So much excitement about this weekend I can't even STAND IT! But, I'll try to calm down so I can write the 2nd exciting thing. I think Bryan likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd never seen him at a Healing Service b4, so I didn't expect he'd b at the 1 on Saturday. Well, I saw his dad and said hello, then I saw ALL his friends(w/out him) and one of them knocked my UMHB CRUSADERS cap off. Which was rude, btw, but irrelevant. So then, all the sudden, I was going up w/ Magen to impartation and saw him! Then, his friend Alex looked over @ me and my friends, said something to Bryan, and Bryan began lookin around. ..until he looked in my direction. Then he stopped lookin around. . .and just looked! yay! Maybe I'm just blowing this out of proportion, and maybe he likes Magen or Amanda, but idk. I can still have my dream though! Oh, another thing is that Friday night (while I was at UMHB) my dad and bro and step-mom went to a church meeting thingy. My dad said that Bryan's dad asked where I was. . .hmm. .. .suspicious! Maybe, if I was there. . .Bryan would have misteriously shown up there too. . ..and maybe not. . idk. Anyways,. . something is bothering me about Bryan though. He's turning into a bad boy! He died his hair black, and he wears "skater" clothes instead of a usual t-shirt or a nice dress shirt(that he looks VERY handsome in I might add). And, my friend said that he skipped part of church on Sunday, went up to the youth room, and played drums. He's a great drummer and all, but HE SKIPPED CHURCH! I mean, first fruits is important! I even made a first fruits commitment! I miss the old Bryan. . .u know. . .the one I liked @ camp and even b4. He's changed, and no me gusta. I mean, I still like him, I just don't like what he's becomming. idk. It's confusing. Anyways, next weekend(the one coming up) is my grandma's weekend. She might come here! I love when she does, except 4 the fact that I miss church. But she likes it here, and we want HER to live HERE since WE can't live THERE. But I don't think she will. It sounds like she IS coming here though, which means that my bro and I will go back up w/ her on Sundasy night and spend the ENTIRE Spring Break(Sunday-Sunday) @ my dad's. We WERE just gonna go on Tuesday night(cuz I LOVE going 2 Wed. night service @ church. ..and it ain't just Bryan either.'s the lessons and the fact that I don't have to sit in "big church."), but it seems as though Monday and Tuesday will be tacked on. Which is good I suppose. I gotta do something w/ Hillary 1 day, but not Wed cuz I gots to get all cutes 4 church! lol. But ya, and Saturday Magen and I r gonna do something. And, 1 day, my bro and I gotta go 2 the dollar movies w/ my grandma. It's like tradition! We do it once a week during the summer 2 (except when we were at camp-which I TOTALLY look forward to this year), so ya, we gotta! Anyways, sorry this blog is so long! I've gota lot on my mind. But, well, it's still on my mind, but now it's typed out too. Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time. Ally . . .out! ~Ally~


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