Monday, March 14, 2005

Crazy Weekend!

Ok. After my mom, grandma, bro, and I left the library on Saturday, us 3 girls dropped Shaun off. We went to Fashion Bug and I got a cute shirt to go w/ my SUPER CUTE Easter skirt. Then, we went over 2 Burlington's and I totally found shoes that match my skirt almost EXACTLY! It's awesome! I'm gonna b super cute 4 Easter. duh! lol. jk. Anyways, so then we were all super tired. We went to Jason's Deli for dinner, then over to TCBY and Shaun and I got Parfaits. They were good. . .well. . . mine was anyways, I don't know about his. Then, we went home and watched Taxi. That is a FUNNY MOVIE! I really liked it. It would b 1 I wouldn't mind buying. Anyways, so then yesterday mom and grandma went to church and then went shopping ALL DAY! We ate @ home, then we all went to Target and grandma's leg started bothering her. It scared me cuz it hurt 4 her to walk. But we went over to TCBY again and got some cones and went home and watched Envy. That wasn't that great of a movie, but it was o.k. Now, Grandma is better and she drove us here 2 WAKO today. We just ate @ Uncle Dan's and now I'm full! ugh! Anyways, so that was an eventful weekend. Now I'm just sitting, bored on the computer, hoping I can go 2 my friend's house tomorrow. Then she could help me get cute 4 church on Wed. night. But, idk. It's also up 2 Daddy about that, so Idk. Well, I guess I've caught everyone up on my weekend now, so until something eventful happens, or tomorrow(whichever comes 1st). . that's all 4 now. ~Ally~


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