Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Going Crazy!

Well, I really think I'm loosin it. I'm always thinkin about him! I gotta stop! It's not healthy! I mean, sure, I think about God a lot, and homework and friends and stuff, but it's mostly him and that's just not right. I mean, it's ok, 2 like a guy, but I shouldn't practically be obsessing over him? Am I obsessive? I remember the last time I was this crazy about a guy. .. and nothing happened. He never asked me out or nothin. In fact, I don't see him anymore. ..at all.. . .. So, by thinking about him constantly, I'm just setting myself up for another disappointment.. . .aren't I? I don't know.. . .I just know I'm going insane! Anyways, I've GOT to take the SAT and ACT tests! It's too late 2 sign up for the one's this weekend, so I'll have to talk 2 my counselor and sign up for the next ones. Oops! lol. Anyways, they are doing this thing at school for drunk driving awareness. People "died" today, every 15 min. (cuz a teen dies from a drunk driver every 15 min.), and thier parents gave eulogies. Basically, they just dressed in black, had white faces w/ black around thier eyes, and they weren't allowed to talk 2 anyone. Tomorrow us upperclassmen get 2 c a demonstration of a car crash due to a drunk driver. But the Freshmen and Sophomores just get to watch a video. But ya, apparently they do this every 4 years, so I get to see it this year. My bro will c it when he's a Sr. But ya, so anyways,. . .I think I should have been a "dead" person. I don't really talk 2 anyone @ school anyways. I don't gots but 2 friends in classes. One for 0 hour(Physics) and 1 for English(7th). I can't believe I have to be @ school for 8 hours a day! Everyone else just goes 7! 1st-7th. . .grr! At least I won't have a 0 hour next year. I just have 2 take English, Govt/Eco., and electives. But I'm going to take Accounting I so I can b a lil ahead for college. And, if I decide I don't like it, I can still change my major. So ya, it's good. Anyways, I think I've blabbed enough for today, so I guess that's all. Ally. . . .. out! ~Ally~


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