Thursday, March 17, 2005

Help (boy issues. .. . again)

ok, if u can help in ANY way, pleez do. I'm going crazy! Jess and I were just talkin about Bryan. She keeps sayin I should talk 2 him and/or his friends. I just don't know how 2 approach it or anything. And what if he don't even like me anyways?????????? Which brings me 2 another thing, if u r friends w/ there any way u could ask him if he likes me. . .w/out makin it seems obvious that I like him? U know, just CASUALLY bring it up or somethin. . .I would LOVE u and OWE u if u did that. Whether he does or not I would OWE u SOMETHING! I just don't think I know anyone who would do it. I mean, nobody even reads this anyways. I try sending it 2 ppl seeing if they leave comments or tell me I owe them cuz they gonna ask him or w/e. But, it's a very doubtful thing. I just keep drivin myself crazy w/ these "what ifs" I gonna cry just thinkin.. . I mean. .. .he could have a G/F 4 all I know! I just. . .I don't know what 2 do. I guess I should stop tryin 2 show off around him and keep the staring down 2 a minimum until I know something 4 sure. O well.

On a lighter note, Grandma took Shaun and I 2 see National Treasure. It was soooooooooo good! I wanna add it 2 my collection. It was really good. Nicholas Cage was good. We went to lunch @ CiCi's b4, but the quality wasn't that great. Then we went to TCBY after the movie. They got medium cups of Psychedelic Sorbet, and I got a waffle cone(which was HUGE btw, not gettin IT again) of Cookie's and Cream. It was good. Now we home. We had yummy chicken dinner tho. .. .mm. . . . . baked chicken and taters. It good! lol. Well, I guess that's all 4 today. Ally. . . out! ~Ally~


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