Friday, March 25, 2005

Movies, Friends, and Boys

Hey. Well, not much has happened lately. I'm excited tho cuz tonight my friend Jess is gonna go c the Easter play w/ me. So, ya, it's gonna b cool. It's sooooooooooo good! I was suprised, but it was really great! I'll prolly cry again! lol. Anyways, I went to my friend Lindsey's house yesterday. We went and saw Ice Princess. It was a better movie than I thot it was gonna be, but I wouldn't run out and buy it or anything. I'm not a big fan of ice skating tho. But ya, so we had fun. Well, 4 the most part. Lindsey likes to read a lot, so that's what she does @ her house, so I had 2 find a book 2 read or I would have been bored out of my mind. I just had to read one of her strange books. I go over there sparingly. Anyways, so today my mom and I are getting our nails painted for Easter on Sunday. I'm SUPER NERVOUS about talking 2 Bryan, but apparently he don't read notes. Idk. I mean, maybe I should just wait for him to come to me. Idk. I'll prolly try 2 tell him on Sunday, but whether I actually do or not, remains to be seen. I don't even know what he would say or think. So, idk, I just don't know. Anyways, I think we might go c the Incredibles tomorrow @ the dollar movie w/ Grandma. We are goin up there tomorrow 4 Easter, so I hope we get to see it, cuz everyone says it's good. Anyways, I don't really have much else to say. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Love ya! Ally. . . . .. .out! ~Ally~


Blogger Rat Thing said...

hey ally, its okay, i was freakin RED everytime that i talked to the guy that i like, and i couldnt stop laughing, lol ^.^, well anyways heres my site!!!! bbbbbboys!!!!1 lol

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