Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring Break Fever!

OOoooooooooooooooooooooo man! Have I got the fever! IT's FINALLY Spring Break! yay!!!!!!!!! Anyways, so Friday was like the SLOWEST DAY EVER! All b/c it's now Spring Break. It seems like most of my schoolmates are going skiing in Colorado, so I'm glad I'm just gonna b kickin back @ my dad's house 4 the week. Sure, my grandma will hang out w/ me and my bro, which totally rox! She's here now! She's in Austin visiting! WE r goin back w/ her tomorrow. Then stayin @ my dad's 4 the rest of the week. I love my grandma! She's so fun and spunky and amazing! She's always there 4 a good time! I love her soooooooooooooo much(duh!)! Anyways, so I've been good lately and thot about Bryan less and less, but now I don't know what 2 wear 4 church on Wed. I mean, skirt, jeans, t-shirt, nice clothes, what? I mean, I won't be all formal on Sunday cuz I'm workin in the nursery, but should I look formal or casual on Wed. night? Idk! It's sooooooooo confusing! Ok, so I don't ride the bus @ school that much, but we FINALLY got a new bus driver! She can actually DRIVE a bus w/out me worrying about dying or not! Yes! lol. Anyways, well, I g2g. We gonna go shoppin, then to Ben & Jerry's. Until next time. . .Ally. . . . .out! ~Ally~


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