Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Teeth, Cars, and Boys

Well, yesterday was quite boring. I had to tell everyone that my spring break was boring, and I had to listen to how fabulous and extravagant their's was. It doesn't bother me 2 hear them talk about it, it just bothers me that I'm to poor to do anything. My parent's can't just take off work any time they want, and go on a trip. Anyways, so I went to the dentist yesterday. I got the builup thingy for my crown. I have 2 go back in 3 weeks, then I'll b done! Well, at least for the most part. I'll still have to go in for cleanings yearly, like everyone else, but that's about it. My brother tho. . .yikes. He's gotta have teeth pulled and braces and stuff. He'll have to have a lot of dental work done. I feel bad for him. Anyways, omg. Today, we were about to leave 2 go 2 school, and my mom's car remote battery didn't work. So ya, we couldn't unlock the car. So we thot, well, the key will work. Ya, it didn't. Apparently, the key we have only works on the ignition. So then, my mom had to call one of her bosses, and he got a battery for her, so I made it to school eventually. I made it 2 1st pd, a lil late. But I completly missed 0 hour! I hate that! It's not a good class to miss! We're talking about circuits.

Anyways, I have a lot of ppl coming up to me in school and telling me they read my blog from the weekend. I have 2 apologize. I was freaking out! I'm now taking a poll. Should I: write him a note telling him I like him?, tell him 2 his face that I like him(Sunday)?, or should I not tell him @ all? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. I keep getting mixed results, so I'm gonna take a poll this week. I'd b SUPER NERVOUS telling him,. . .. but I really think I gotta get this stuff off my chest. Well, I guess that's all for now. Ally. .. . .. . out! ~Ally~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just write the note. Your life will be much easier. You wont have to worry anymore. Yes the response may suck, but no one said life and love was easy. You can move onto someone new if it dosent work out. Best of luck to you

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are too nervous to do it in person, then go for the note, but dont let it go. GOTTA LET HIM KNOW!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous heather said...

ally ok yeah i have known bryan for about 6 years now and sorry to burts your bubble on this but he rarly ever reads notes so if you want him to know you like him call him i have his number if you want it or talk to him in person and ya are pretty and yeah guess what you not being their didn't help chris wasn't eaither and sorry i didn't talk to him about you yet but we are still in that little fight thing so i will try and talk to him tommrow at school if he talks to me yet but yea you know me and i hope he likes you so much but you got to tell him how you feel cause i rember when i used to like him and i never told him and it sucked but now i don't i like someone else lol anyways tell him you know you should and i'll get ya a picture soon (of him) ttyl i will try and talk and get the picture of him tommrow at school!!! love ya *+*xoxoxo*+*

9:41 PM  

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