Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wierd Wednesday

Well, I went over to Hillary's on Tuesday night and we had fun playin around w/ her b/f on the phone. Talking about how she wanted to break up and she liked someone else and all that. Which isn't true, btw, so ya. That was interesting. Then, on Wed. we didn't do much of anything but walk down to this daycare that she wants a job at. Other than that, we just stayed @ her house watchin t.v. She DID straighten my hair 4 church tho, and it looked HOT! Anyways, so about church. I saw Bryan. . fact. . .he sat RIGHT in front of me. And he's still as crazy as ever! lol. It makes me smile just thinkin about it.. . . . . .Anyways, so I'm startin 2 think that maybe his friend Alex likes me and/or Bryan likes Alex's sister Gabby. But maybe I'm only mistaken. 4 all I know, Bryan could have a g/f right now and have NO interest in me whatsoever. I suppose only time will tell (or a good friend. . .lol). Anyways, so I saw Jerry yesterday 2 and he said he went over to Charla's. He said she HAS changed, just as I've susupected and already been told. But, he said he could still c a lil of the old Charla in her and he would try 2 get her 2 come 2 church the next time I was there. O, another thing, I saw Phillip 4 the 1st time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! He's still cute and super sweet. My dad says I should try 2 get him 2 ask me out, but I never see him! He works on Sundays, and I'm never there on Wed. night except during the summer! And my dad said that during the summer he's going to Afghanistan for 6 MONTHS! Ya, what an interesting and complicated relationship THAT would be. O well, who knows, it may work out. So ya, my head keeps flip-flopping back and forth between Bryan and Phillip. I'm going CRAZY! They r both awesome guys that I would TOTALLY go out w/! Idk. All I know is that I ain't changin who I am just so they'll like me more. I hope they don't change either. It doesn't seem like Bryan has. . .lol. . .or Phillip. So ya, good stuff. Anyways, Grandma K. is aobut to take us out 4 the day and I'm excited! I LOVE hangin out w/ her! She's so cool and fun! Anyways, so ya, I think we're going 2 the dollar movies, and Idk what else. Anyways, I can't wait until next Sunday! Easter Sunday. ...cuz I gots the CUTEST outfit! Look out boys cuz here I come. .. It's hot, but still church approriate, so that's exciting. Well, g2g. ~Ally~


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