Friday, April 01, 2005

Finally Friday!

Hey everyone. Well Wed. I ended up NOT doing the Spanish project. (We had 2 do a video project about jobs and stuff;We copied an episode of 'House'). She said we'd do it Thursday after school. Then, Thursday, she said we'd do it SUNDAY! It's due MONDAY! I thot it would b no big deal tho, cuz I thot I would b done w/ my dads by whenever we got started. I told my mom tho and she was OUTRAGED! She called the teach and chewed her out, so we ended up doing it last night. We were kinda rushed tho, so it's really crappy and I'm extremely worried about failing. It's completely obvious that I read some of my lines, and it might b obvious that the other 2 chiks did too. But, o well. At least we did it and got it done. Another thing that's completely bothering me is the whole Bryan thing. Ya, it's that time. I may or may not see him @ the Healing Service on Saturday night, and I'm worried! What if I DO see him. Idk. I just think it will b super uncomfortable considering I'm PRETTY SURE he don't like me. I mean, I have no REAL evidence to base that off of, but I'm pretty sure. idk. It's kinda depressing, but I gots to get over it sooner or later right? Just grow up and get over it! Anyways, I had a Physics circuit test that I was TOTALLY worried about today. It was super easy tho. All, fairly simple circuits. I think I aced it, so yay! Anyways, I gots UIL for Computer Application tomorrow morning. I'm super nervous! Hopefully I will do well tho. I mean, I got a 100 for a project grade 4 doing it(cuz everyone else was workin on a powerpoint project while I was studying the UIL stuff), so I mean, that's great. And my teacher/coach is getting breakfast burritos from Rudy's (yum yum!) So it's not that bad. Other than the fact that I have 2 b @ school by 8, (which I do every weekday anyways), it's no big thing. idk. Anyways, it seems as though hw keeps piling on as the weeks go by. But, this IS the 5th 6 weeks, thankfully almost over. Anyways, I really gots nothing else to say. So, until later. . . . . Sorrowful and Confused, ~Ally~


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