Thursday, April 07, 2005


Hey. Well, today was pretty much like any day. ..except for the fire. Ya, our school actually had a fire! I thot it was just another stupid fire drill, but apparently there was a fire in the hallway by the NGC locker rooms. Stupid ppl. Apparently, (and I've heard MANY different stories,) someone decided to spray a can of AXE all over this backpack, and then set the backpack on fire and leave it in the hallway. I don't know if anybody did it, but the ppl who have P.E. didn't have 2 go in the gym today. I guess they still did something, but idk. So ya, it was wierd. Ok, so now Jess and Hannah and Hannah's b/f Ross have joined our lunch table. It's cool tho. It's nice to have other ppl 2 talk 2. They add diversity 2 our table full of smarty arty ppl tho. No offense, but I don't get too excited talkin about Physics, or Calculus(which I'm not in), or AP exams. However, today was Sarah's b-day and she got a balloon from Ivey, so that was nice. I remembered, but since we're not really close friends, I didn't get her anything. But I told her to have a wondermous day. So ya, mmmmmmhhhhmmm. lol. Idk what that was. Anyways, so it gets to where I think about Bryan less and less during the school day. It seems as though on Mondays (cuz I see him Sundays) I get like crazy thinkin about him a lot. But, the rest of the week it gets less and less. Until Saturdays and I think about seeing him the next day. idk. I won't c him this weekend tho. omg. I should try 2 do something w/ 1 of my chik friends. I doubt I'll do anything, so that would be fun! Hey chik friends, if u wanna do something, let me know. Anyways, I think I've written a sufficient amount for the day. I guess that's all. Lata. "Word!" (lol. That's my new word/phrase thingy.) Ally. . . ..out! ~Ally~


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