Friday, April 22, 2005

Fun Friday

Well, TAKS is FINALLY OVER! Thursday was the last day. I think math was the easiest 4 me(but the longest), and science was the hardest. Social Studies was kinda hard, but not as hard as science. I just glad it over, but I seriously hope I passed! If I didn't, I won't graduate. It's like, "k, no pressure!". Anyways, so I'm @ my frind Rae's house. I'm havin a blast! We drove around on her golf cart, then came back and watched part of The Rainman. Then, we ate Mickey D's (gross-watch SuperSize Me and u'll know why). Then, we went out in the golf cart again and stalked these 13 year old guys w/ a golf cart(1 had a golf cart then his friend/bro got in 2), and an electric scooter(1 was in a scooter). The two older one's were friends, they were kinda freaked out. We was acting CRAZY and they prolly thot we were on drugs. But, I don't care. I had fun! I LOVE ACTIN CRAZY! That's why I like/liked Bryan. Cuz I know/knew I could TOTALLY b myself around him, and he wouldn't care cuz he's crazy 2! It's rare that my friends get 2 c that. Rae was lucky. I guess that means I seriously trust her. Idk. It's like I can only do that around my younger friends cuz my older friends would say I'm "immature and need to grow up." NEWSFLASH! It's like Rae said, we're in high school! B4 we know it, we'll be adults and HAVE to act mature! So let's b ourselves while we still can. Anyways, so I'm having a blast. Tomorrow I get to go watch her ride (which is cool w/ me cuz I won't get 2 c her show). So ya. The rest of the weekend, I don't know what I'm doing, but I know I really miss hangin out w/ my friends. If ur a friend and we haven't done anything in a while, let me & we can do something. Well, I suppose that's all 4 today. Peace and Love! ~Ally~


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