Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hello Again

Hello again. Well, my weekend has been quite boring so far. I haven't done much. We've been a few places such as Target and Home Depot, but no place exciting. I didn't even get a fuzzy poster like I wanted. o well. Ok. I'm going crazy. I can't get over Bryan. I mean, yesterday, I was thinkin about us going out and going 2 my friend's graduation and sitting together! How wierd is that! And the fact that I even THOT of it means it's totally NOT going 2 happen. grrrrrrr! I'm getting really sick and tired of liking guys who have NO interest in me. I mean, why can't I like a guy who actually likes ME 2! I dont think there IS such a thing. O well. I'm REALLY excited about going 2 my friend's graduation. I gotta get her a gift. So friend, what would u want? lol. I need ideas. I don't have a clue. Anyways, I love how ALL of my friends are doing something this 3 day weekend, and I'm doing NOTHING! O well. It's nice to kinda just relax, but it can get pretty boring too. I love how I ramble on and on about nothing and NONE of my friends (or really anybody 4 that matter) read this. I try 2 update it daily, but ppl don't even read it unless I e-mail them that "it's been updated." It's almost as if I'm just talkin 2 myself. Anyways, enough pity party. I really don't have much 2 say tho. Nothing even slightly exciting has happened. O, except that I apparently AM getting robed @ UMHB by Jen on Friday. I have 2 miss half a day of school on Thursday tho cuz practice is @ 4. Then I'll miss all day Friday cuz the robing is @ 11 am. So ya, o well. Hopefully I can handle it and take any tests/quizzes early. Well, so long 4 now. Until later (probably Tuesday), that's it. Dazed and Confused, ~Ally~


Blogger Jessee said...

hey girl, why arent you going to prom? If you want, you can be my date. It will be soooooo great! Besides....I kinda already bought a dress..hehe

11:08 AM  

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