Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Little New News

Hey. Well, in case your wondering, the robing thing went well on Friday. I was wrong tho. The seniors robe the JUNIORS as a symbol of passing on thier seniority. But we still did it and it was cool. My dad almost cried tho cuz it made him think about my graduation, even though it's not 4 another year. Anyways, I went over to Hill's on Saturday and it was cool and fun and relaxing. It was fun. Anyways, Sunday I worked in the nursery and we had 9 babies! We typically only have 3-4, so that was a lot, but we handled it well. Anyways, so 4 some STRANGE and unexplainable reason, my calves hurt. They don't hurt when I sit (which is good cuz that's what I do the majority of the day), but mostly when I go up and down stairs (which I have to do @ least once 2 get 2 EVERY CLASS I HAVE). Anyways, I just found out that a good friend of mine's mom is engaged! I'm soooooooo excited and happy 4 her! She's really awesome and she helps me when I need it. It's sooooooooo amazing! yay! Anyways, today I took the science TAKS. It was kinda hard, but I really HAVE 2 pass 2 graduate next year. NO PRESSURE! I understood the Physics stuff, but some of the Chemistry and Biology stuff was a bit difficult. Tomorrow I gots' math and Thursday I gots' Social Studies. I'm pretty sure I'll ace the social studies one, and prolly the math 1 too, but we'll c. Anyways, so I didn't c Bryan this weekend. That's probably a good thing. The less I c of him, the less I think about him. The less I think about him, the easier it will b 2 get over him. I'm pretty sure I'm getting close 2 ALMOST being over him. Although I DID think about him askin me 2 Prom not 2 long ago, but that ain't gonna happen, so w/e. Anyways, I was gonna go 2 Prom anyhow. Well, I guess that's really all I gots 2 say 4 today. Kinda sad since I haven't written in about 4 days. O well. I guess I could always add more later if I think of it. Peace, love, and boys! ~Ally~


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