Saturday, April 30, 2005

Magen and Me

Well, my friend Magen ended up coming 2 my dad's. I'm glad. We had fun talkin and tossin around a softball and a football. Although both got a lil painful eventually. Anywho, so now she in the shower and she said I could use her comp. It's a laptop. No me gusta (I don't like it) b/c the space bar kinda don't work well. Or at least not like a regular comp. And I hate the whole mouse thingy on laptops 2. But oh well. Church is tomorrow and I'm really dreading it. My dad is SERIOUSLY pushin this Bryan thing and I don't like it! We drove by his house (sorta) today, cuz he lives near my grandparents, and my dad said, "both vehicles are there. We can go say hi" I said "dad, u obviously wanna go, so lets go." and he said "I'll only go if u promise 2 talk 2 him." Well, I couldn't promise that, so that didn't happen. But I ain't lookin fwd 2 tomorrow. I was STARTIN 2 get over him, but my dad keeps pressing the issue. grr! Anyways, so apparently summer camp this year is in Branson. I never been there. Well, I g2g take a shower now. lata! ~Ally~


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