Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday Blues

Well, although I had a blast @ Rae's, it's Monday! yuck! However, my mom DID start her new job today. So I hope that all goes well. Anyways, Saturday I watched Rae ride. She's good, but the whole jumping thing looks scary 2 me. I would be 2 scared to try something like that, but she enjoys it. Then they had a pizza party cuz there was a new chik. Lata, I went home and we just did chores and stuff @ home. Blah! But anyways, my weekend was pretty uneventful after I got home. But o well. We gots flowers and I made my own huge arrangement of flowers. It's really gorgeous. I realized that I really like Sugar ______(something) Petunias. They REALLY pretty! They're like purplish w/ like white in the middle. It's hard to explain but they're beautimous. Anyways, so I only have about A MILLION tests this week. It's the 3rd week of the 6 weeks tho, so apparently they're SUPPOSED to give us tests! yuck! I gots 3 tomorrow, 2 Wed.(one's actually a project), and 1 Thursday! ah! Anyways, I don't really gots much else to say. Today was an average day. Although, I don't know if I've stated yet, one of Jess's friends, whom I used to find obnoxious, is kinda becomin friends w/ me. And it's cool cuz she's nice and crazy. She reminds me of Charla, but w/ dark hair and from Oregon. But ya, so it's a cool thing. Anyways, thats REALLY all I gots 2 say. lata! ~Ally~


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