Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Week @ a Glance

Hey. My weekend was kinda boring. I realized I haven't really been who I want to be lately, so, I'm doing a personality makeover, as well as a physical one. I'm gonna loose weight, and makeover my soul. It's gonna be HARD work, but I know I can do it. Anyways, so I preceded to do NOTHING 4 the entire 3 day weekend. But, we went to Hollywood Video on Sunday and we bought "White Chicks." I'm excited. I LOVE that movie! It's sooooooooo funny. O yay! "One Tree Hill" new season begins tonight. I'm sooooooooo excited! It's gonna be good! Anyways, so apparently Thursday I'm leaving school mid-day and going 2 Waco. Then, @ 4, I have practice 4 the robing thing. Then the robing is Friday @ 11 am, so I won't be @ school @ all that day. At least it's a few more days I get to spend w/ my dad. But I'll b missing the Talent Show @ the middle school. Bummer. O well. Anyways, so I'm thinkin maybe going 2 Prom wouldn't be such a bad thing. Jess is willing to lend me a pair of shoes if I get a dress and the $30 ticket. So ya, idk. We'll see. And it's up 2 mom, and I doubt she'll b up 4 it. Man, I was lookin forward 2 lookin all cute on Sunday, but I gots 2 work in the nursery. So I guess I'll look cute workin in the nursery. lol. O well. Anyways, that's all the blah, blah, blah I gots 2 talk about 4 now. Luv ya! Peace! Ally. . .. .out! ~Ally~


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