Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday Mornin

Hey guys. I haven't done much since the last time I wrote. My friend Magen is plannin on comin over. I hope she does. She's either comin over or goin 2 a quincearea for a person she don't know well. o well. Anyways, I tired of ppl askin about Prom. So, if ur my friend, no, I'm not goin, unless I magically happen 2 get a date between now and then. So, stop askin me, I gonna spend Prom night here @ my house w/ my daddy. .. so :P. Anyways, I finally got my SAT stuff worked out. I gonna take it on June 4. Well, it sad (but I guess good 4 u). I don't gots much 2 say. Maybe I'll have more on Monday after Magen and I have hung out. O, my dad keeps pushin this Bryan thing. He said "just talk 2 him"; "ask him when he's graduating because I wanna know." i totally know when he's graduating. . .i think. I think he's a jr., so that would mean hes graduating next year, so my dad might not get 2 go 2 his graduation cuz he'll b going 2 mine. This all came up cuz I was talkin about goin 2 my friend (hillary's) graduation, and he said he might go 2 watch Tyler graduate. I was like, uh, ok, w/e. lol. Anyways, I guess THAT'S all I gots 2 say. Lata! ~Ally~


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