Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sorry, Got Lots 2 Say

Well, to start off, I'll discuss UIL. It was Saturday morning, and it was a disaster. It was my teachers 1st time 2 b in it, and her 1st time to host. She didn't really know what 2 do, but this other lady did and she took charge. My poor teach. The lady was evil! She treated us like we were 5, reading things slowly and several times. Then, the test was ACCESS! I don't know how 2 put a header/footer on ACCESS! And they wanted us to use some funky formula thingy. idk. It was terrible. Only 3 ppl printed out of the 7 of us. And 2 printed AFTER time was called, which your NOT supposed to do. So ya, um, it stunk BIG TIME!

Another thing, there was a Healing Service on Saturday night. Apostle was on fire! He had a good lesson and lots of ppl go healed. It was nice. I prayed for Magen's cuzins. One has Cancer and one is bipolar. So we prayed 4 both of them, since neither of us was sick.

On Sunday, we had a guest speaker, and he was pretty good. He had a pretty good lesson too. And he's funny.

Anyways, so something that BOTHERS me about Sunday is, yup, it's that time, Bryan. I think he skipped church completely!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I see him waltz in @ the END of church, w/ car keys in his hand. My guess is that he JUST got there and wanted to see his friends and/or talk 2 his dad. I COULD b wrong, but he didn't sit w/ his friends(like he usually does) so, idk. But it bothers me extremely. THat and the fact that I STILL, yup, STILL think about him a lot. But u know, it's weird. . .part of me thinks that he reads my blog. Like some freaky sixth sense thing or something. idk.

Anyways, so I was SUPER worried about passing my Physics test last week. But the test was easy and I made a 105, so ya, GO ME! lol.

Also, I had to ride the bus on monday. Yuck! I HATE it! My bus driver can't drive! It's like she doesn't like using the friggin breaks unless she HAS too. I HATE IT!

So ya, um, yesterday, there was an actual Earthshakers (school bible study group) meeting yesterday. I was supposed to go, but I FORGOT! Ya, just waltzed right on over her 2 the library and didn't even give it a 2nd thot til mom picked us up and we were in the car. By then, it was too late, cuz the meetings are right after school. I feel soooooooooooo bad about missing it, and my friend is mad @ me now.

So ya, turmoil has taken over ppls lives including my own, and it's freakin me out. It's like the world is rapidly changing, and not for the better I might add. SCARY! idk. Hopefully it all changes soon. Well, I guess that's all 4 today.

O, I'm thinking about havin an anti-Prom party. I'm not anti-Prom or anything, but it's a shorter name than ppl who don't have dates to Prom and need something to do party. So ya, if u my friend and u wanna do somethin on that day, let me know. I'm thinkin chik flix, pizza, chocolate, and chips w/ dip. O, and maybe we can have a pow-wow thing when we'd talk about all the guys we would LIKE to have gone 2 Prom w/. lol. jk on that last one. But ya, I think it would b fun and being around friends would help get our minds off of the fact that we're not going to Prom. Well, that's REALLY all 4 now. So, ya, ttyl. Ally. . .. . .. out! ~Ally~


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