Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Breakdown Anyone?

I wrote this a couple of nights ago. I'm guessin it was Sunday night, cuz I saw him Sunday morning:

"Help! I really like Bryan ****, but idk if he likes me. Idk anybody who could/would non-chalantly(casually) ask him. I WOULD say Heather, but apparently they once had an argument so idk if they are still friends. I wish I had tha courage 2 talk 2 him, but as usual, I don't. O well. This'll b just like tha others. It'll fizzle when I c his g/f (if/when he's got 1). It's depressing, but completely true. Why do I always like guys who DON'T like me? Why can't a guy like me 2????!!!!! I wanna b/f again! I tired of being single! It's been over a year! I want Bryan! *tear* Well, that's all 4 know. Byeness. ~Ally~"

I know, it's super depressing. I think I had a breakdown. But seriously, if anybody could or would b willing 2 help me out, I would greatly appreciate all efforts. Thanks lots! ~Ally~

Memorial Day and work

Hey ppl. How's it going? Yesterday was an interesting day. I didn't get up til noon (my 1st this whole summer! lol), so that was kinda nice, but it made me feel lazy. N e wayz, so I cleaned up my room and the bathroom, then got on the comp 4 a while. I was gonna post something yesterday, but my step-mom was in hur, and Idk if she was readin everything I wrote or not, so u know, I had 2 keep everything on the d.l. lol. Anyways, so yesterday ppl came over 4 Memorial Day and my dad made his "famous" ribs. IT was kinda fun. But I was stuck takin care of/coralling all the children. But it was fun my step-bro, his wife, and thier daughter Hailey (whose gettin SO BIG!) came, and 2 families from church, my step-sister, her hubby, and thier 2 children (Shelby and Lexi), my step-aunt(-in-law) and her 3 children (Eric-about my bro's age; Kwen, and baby Aubry). So ya, I had 2 watch over pretty much all children w/ the exception of Eric and Aubry. IT was chaotic and crazy, but fun none-the-less. Ok, now about work . .. my step-mom, last night, told me I'd begin workin Wed.! That's tomorrow! I ain't ready 2 work yet! I NEED this week and the next week off. Trouble is, idk how my boss would feel about that. But I'd b off next week anyways, cuz I'm goin back 2 my mom's. There's no sense in me workin 4 3 days, then goin away 4 a week. I don't know HOW I'm gonna break it 2 ppl. I'm sure my step-mom will b plenty pissed. I just hope my dad comes home 1st, so I can tell him, and maybe he can break it 2 her a lil better than I could. idk. I guess it's like, if they're gonna b pissed and stuff, then I shouldn't work 4 them anyways right? idk. Any advice on the subject would b most helpful. Anyways, guess that's all 4 now. The day has just begun, so we'll c what comes about. I'll try 2 post later 2nite (or maybe 2morrow if I'm not workin). Love ya guys! ~Ally~

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hopeless Romantic

Ok. How chessy is this. I keep wishin that my dad, bro, step-mom, and myself would be gone somewhere, and then come back home and some dude (preferably the 1 I like) would be waitin in front of the house w/ his vehicle. And when we got home, he'd ask 2 talk 2 me, then he'd ask me out and we'd go out on a date and return later that evening. Totally chessy right? I know. . .. .but I keep wishin it'll happen. .. .hey, u never know. . ...maybe some day right????? (or not. .. I know. . .. ) It's mostly just the whole waitin when we get there and talkin 2 me part. . ..the date part is just an added part. .. I HATE bein such a hopeless romantic person! ugh! I just get all these dumb, childish, dreams in my head that'll never come true. .. .and I get so caught up in them, that I forget about reality, then I'm upset when it don't happen. it's soooooooooooooo stupid! ugh! W/e. I just had 2 get that out there. Lata. ~Ally~

Hey again. Well, I was disappointed 2day. I saw Bryan, but I'm pretty sure that he, along w/ 2 of his friends, skipped church. O well. I guess it'll b easier gettin over him if I know he's doin that. But the last Sunday I was here, I'm pretty sure he was sittin behind me da whole time, so idk what that's all about. Confusing! Anyways, I met Magen's dad 2day, but he was in a hurry 2 leave, so I didn't get 2 talk 2 him lots or nothing. But he seems cool and I'm super glad that he's home now. And I know Magen is 2. Well, it looks like I'll b hur all summer(in Waco). Apparently, I'm gonna b working 4 my aunt doin lots of odd jobs 4 her business. Answering the phone, filing, watchin the children(cousins of mine-though not her children), makin lunch, etc. Just pretty much anything they tell me 2 do. Which is good, cuz I need 2 pay off my first fruits, and the time away from my mom will prepare me 4 how college will b next year (fall 2006). Plus, apparently I'll finally get my liscence this summer, and I'll start lookin @ cars. So that'll b fun. However, it'll make it SUPER hard 2 get over Bryan (unless he continues skippin church-I mean, I know Apostle's lessons can b boring and I may have no connection 2 them, but come on. . .. .if I can, he can) cuz I'll b seein him almost every Wed. night, and some Sundays. Healing Services, and maybe the "one" conference if they have 1 of those,. . .. so idk. . .. it's gonna b an interesting summer 2 say the least. Well, I was supposed 2 go 2 the mall w/ Hill 2day, but she hasn't called & she wasn't @ church, so I guess not. W/e. Anyways, I guess that's all 4 now. Maybe more later or tomorrow.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Graduation and Things

Well, it's OFFICIALLY summer vacation! yes! lol. I attended the Midway graduation yesterday, and I was excited. Hillary was adorable. I ended up knowing about 6 ppl. Congrats 2 the grads(even tho they prolly don't read this), u know who u are (Hill, Alex, Doug, John, Chris, Tyler). congrats! I also, unfortunately, saw my ex-Best friend graduate. ugh. And, the creepy thing, I saw my ex-bf! Luckily he didn't c me tho. THAT could have been a DISASTER. I mean, I was lookin cute & all, but I think we prolly would have said some not-so-nice things 2 each other. lol. But luckily he didn't c me. Anyways, after graduation, we went back 2 Hillary's house and had pizza and D.P. Then we all talked about guys, and how I want a b/f and they're glad 2 b single, or wanted 2 break up, or w/e. So ya. .. ..it was interesting. This summer is gonna b hard on my heart! EVERYBODY gonna b hookin up w/ SOMEBODY, but not me. .. ..cuz apparently no guys like me. ..and if they do .. .I only like them as friends... . .at least to the extent of my knowledge. We ended up going 2 bed @ 3, and I got up @ about 8. It was weird. Then, we got donuts (yum!) and my dad came, went 2 my grandparents, ate over there, came home, took a nap. . .ate some dinner, and now I on the computer. So ya, 2day was kinda boring, but w/e. Tomorrow is church! And apparently I'm going 2 the mall w/ my friend cuz she gots graduation money. I just hope I can change into some jeans b4 we go, cuz I dont wanna go in nice clothes. .. .although it's not SUPER dressy (like I was last night) or n e thing. idk. So I guess I'll post again tomorrow, or Monday, or Tuesday. Monday, my parents r off and we're havin a BBQ. So idk if I'll get the chance 2 post or not then. Although, I'm only certain that 2 ppl read this, so thanks girls! Have an awesome summer! Lata! ~Ally~

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Finals-Days 2 & 3

omg! Sooooooooooooooooo pissed right now! I was SUPOSED 2 ride the bus home 2day after my 2 finals, but. . .the buses apparently aren't running. So ya, now I'm stuck here @ the library for about 4 and 1/2 hours! Ya, not excited! I've tried contacting my mom AND my bro, but neither of them are pickin up. So ya, I'm really upset! And, I found out I made a 76 on my Physics exam! NOT EXCITED ABOUT THAT! I mean, no offense, but some friends of mine who I thought I would do better than made much higher grades than me. I'm so upset! ugh! Thank goodness I have an entire 2 1/2 months off! ugh! Anyways, I also found out that my Algebra 2 exam grade was an 84.. ...not bad. . . Today I took my Spanish 3 exam, and I thot it was pretty simple for the most part. I also took the last 1/3 of my BCIS final and that was just terms, so it was pretty simple. Anyways, yesterday I had my Health exam, which was o.k. Luckily there were some "duh" questions that NOBODY should get wrong, so that helped a bit. Plus, I studied a lot that morning for it, so I'm confident that I did well. Then, I went over to Jess's house cuz we both had 4th lunch, which, yesterday, meant that we had a 3 hour lunch yesterday. So we went 2 her house, ate, tried to sleep, and went back 2 school. Then, I took my Physics final. . .which,. ..as we all know, I made a 76 on.. .. . .. so ya. . .that was a pretty interesting day. U know, I REALLY AM NOT HAPPY that I have 2 sit in this library for 4 flippin hours! Unless my mom calls and says she can come get me (which won't happen), I'm stuck here! Maybe I'll go try 2 take a nap on the "magic carpet" or something. .. hey, I need somethin 2 do 2 preoccupy my time. I can't just stay on the computer 4 that long (it's bad 4 ur eyes). Anyways, I guess that's all 4 now. I thankful it's summer, and I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll get 2 go 2 my friend's graduation. I gots about 9-10 pics left on my camera, so I'll prolly take some pics and maybe take some on Wed. night w/ my chikas if I gots some left. Well, peace and love. . . .rock on. .. . ..and all that kinda stuff. Lata. Have a great summer! ~Ally~

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Finals-Day 1

Hello 2 all who read my blog! It's a beautiful, sunny, hot day outside in Texas 2day. lol. My exams 2day were pretty easy. My Algebra 2 one, well, it was the most difficult for 2day. I guessed on 5-10 questions, and it was the longest 2, but it was pretty easy 4 the most part. Specially since it was multiple choice (w/ 1 fill in the blank thingy). Anyways, English was the easiest, and U.S. History was so-so. Yuri, if ur readin this, I need ur autograph! We gotta figure out when 2 meet! Maybe b4 skool. Call me in da mornin, and we'll try 2 figure it out. Well, tomorrow is gonna b my hardest day. Health (i know, it sounds simple, but it's not) and Physics (ugh!). So ya, it's gonna b da toughest. But hopefully I'll dominate like I did 2day. Well, I ain't gots much 2 say. It was funny, ppl were always like "we should get 2gether and study 4 this final" and we never did. .. .lol.. . .. course, they all said that last week (a lil short notice), but w/e. Well, that's all I gots 2 say 2day. love ya peeps! Keep it cool! ~Ally~

Monday, May 23, 2005

Well, I'm excited! Sure, it's finals week and THAT don't make me excited, but it's almost summer time.. .and I'm READY! Last year I had such a blast during the summer. I just hope this year can match, or even top that. It's kinda sad not seeing my school friends this summer, cuz most of them r goin on vacation, but I'm not. I'm goin 2 WAKO, and I'm goin 2 camp this summer in Missouri, but that's all thats 4 sure! I bought Hill's graduation present this year, so I'm happy about that. Got her (and Jerry) a card and everything. .. so I'm excited. I'm gettin really excited about goin 2. Cuz I'll get 2 c Hillary graduate, I might get 2 c my Magen, and I'll get to c Tyler, and possibly Bryan.. . .so ya. . .. .super excited about it. I'm definitely NOT excited about my 3 exams tomorrow, my 2 on Wed. (w/ a friggin 3 hour lunch) and my 2 on Thursday. But Friday, I excited about. Well, I really don't gots much 2 say. I think tomorrow 4 lunch RaeRae and I might walk over 2 Domino's 4 lunch, but idk if my mom will give me money, and I would feel bad if RaeRae bought me lunch. idk. w/e. I guess we'll figure it out tomorrow. Well, I don't gots much else 2 say. . .so I guess I'll write tomorrow after my exams. Lata ppl! ~Ally~

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, it's Thursday. .. . .just 1 more day of school til the weekend. .. ..my mom said we might go 2 6 Flags Fiesta TX this weekend. . .. I was excited! I'm soooooooooooo ready 2 go 2 Over TX again! So ya, I'm ready 4 the weekend. Also, my goodness. . .finals reviews r kickin my butt! (Pardon me if ur offended). They're super hard.. . .well. . .the majority of them anyways. Ugh! A week from now, I'll b FREE!!!!!!!!!! yay! But, I still gots 6 friggin days of school 2 get through, but only 2 of following my whole schedule.. . .so that's kinda nice. Today in Spanish I did the speakin part of my final, and I blew it. She asked us random questions and we had to answer them in a min. or more. She asked 2 questions, and I bombed both of them. First she asked me what e-mail is good for. Then, she asked what I feared, but I couldn't describe it, so I spent like 45 sec. saying "um" or "uh", so she asked me a diff. 1 about what career I would like. I was thinking "peice of cake". Ya no, I said 1-2 sentences, and then had 2 repeat some in a diff format just 2 speak 4 the whole min! I think I only spoke 4 about 30 sec. on each of the questions. It sucked! Then, in BCIS we took 1/3 of our final today by doing Excel application. THAT was a piece of cake! I KNOW I did great on that. Tomorrow we are doing Access, which is a lot harder, so we'll c how that goes. Anyways, man! I've been sooooooo tired today! I tried 2 sleep in 0 hour (enrichment pd or w/e 4 u Midway ppl), but my friend kept wakin me up. Then, I fell asleep in 1st after he handed us our review. I was gonna try 2 sleep in Spanish, but we had a review 2 turn in and I had 2 do my speakin thing. Then, the rest of the day I had 2 work on stuff, so I couldn't sleep. I hope we dont have 2 do anything 2nite. I'll just go home and go 2 sleep! I literraly think I'm gonna try 2 go 2 bed shortly after nine (I gots 2 call my magen 1st!) Then, I'm out! Anyways, it's kinda depressing that it's the end of the school year, but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that my jr. year is over! It's been 1 tuff year! I feel sorry 4 anybody who's not a jr, cuz it sux! Get it over w/ fast is all I'm sayin! Well, that's really all I gots 2 say/complain about 2day. I guess I'll c u 2 chiks (whom I'm positive read this) later. peace out and keep it cool! ~Ally~

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hey Magen and Yuri! Ur prolly the only 2 ppl who read my blogs. . ..and I definitely appreciate it. Today was just like any other day. BORING! Not 2 mention, full of reviewing for exams. Ugh! I can't WAIT until summer, and I'm not even sure if I'm doing anything. But, I know I'll get 2 hang out w/ my friends and go 2 1 friend's graduation. . .. .not 2 mention. .. the same graduation as 1 of my crushes... . . .. so, . . .. we'll c how that goes. My mom said I should buy him a card and tell this guy my phone number and tell him 2 call me if he's ever in town. He likes UT, so my mom thinks he might go 2 college there. .. .. .and he might.. . ..but he might not. lol. U never know. I have his sr. pic in my wallet/thingy. .. and lemme tell ya. . .. sexy! lol. U can ask my friend's who've seen it. . ..most of them think he's hot. . .. and he DEFINITELY is! Anyways, I guess that's all for today. I don't have much 2 say. I might be forced 2 go 2 my mom's church today. . .there. .. .that's all. lol. I really don't think I have anything else 2 say, so I guess I'll write tomorrow if I come hur. Lata! ~Ally~

Football Game (4 BCIS)

Midway Reigns Over Lorena

Last Friday, September 17, Midway High School played football against their long-time rivals, Lorena High School. The game was played in Waco at the Panther's field. The coaches of each team couldn't wait to start the game. "I couldn't wait to show them how much better we get each year. I bet they were cowering in fear when the game ended," Midway Coach, Kent Bachtel. Leopard coach, Ray Biles said, "I knew it was going to be a long grueling game, and I knew going in that we were going to beat them." It was a good close game. Tyler Rambeau of Midway threw an awesome touchdown pass in the first 20 minutes of the first quarter. The Panthers were up by 13 by the end of the first half. Then, the Leopards tried their hardest to catch up in the second half. Leopard running back Bryan Lowe ran a 32 yard touchdown in the middle of the third quarter which tied the teams up. Midway scored again in the last few seconds of the fourth quarter. Midway beat Lorena, 32-25.

Engagement Announcement

Orlando Bloom and Alyssa Atteberry are Engaged

Alyssa and Orlando are proud to announce that they will be wed next summer in June. They plan on having an outdoor wedding in New Zealand, the place where Bloom filmed The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The couple met a few years ago at the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. The two immediately found themselves attracted to one another. "He was so attractive with his long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes," Atteberry states. "She looked like an angel who just fell out of the sky," Bloom says about his blushing, bride-to-be. The two have been together since the debut. Only family members and close friends will be invited to attend the ceremony. It will be a private service on some of the beautiful hills in New Zealand. Then the two will be whisked away to their honeymoon in Hawaii. It will be a marvelous and unforgettable wedding.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is ME!

What's Your Personality Type?

Your #1 Match: ISFJ
The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal.
A good listener, you excell at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

Which American Cities Best Fit You

American Cities That Best Fit You:
70% Austin
60% Denver
60% Las Vegas
55% Atlanta
55% Honolulu

How Crazy is that! The top 2 cities are the top 2 I wanna live in! What a deal! lol.. ..

What Kind of American English do You Speak

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
15% Dixie
15% Yankee
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

www.blogthings.com has lots of these quizzes and things.. . ..u should check it out.


Well, it's ONLY Tuesday. But, in exactly 1 week from today, I will be taking my finals for Algebra 2, English, and U.S. History. .. .. ugh! But, I'm glad it's almost summer. I'll get 2 go 2 my fave place a lot more. Ya, WCF.. . .my FAVE place. Cuz I learn about God and I get 2 see/talk 2 my friends also. What a deal! lol. I also plan on takin the annual trip 2 Schlitterbahn that my mom, bro, and I plan on every year. I might go 2 camp, but that's still in the works. The deposit is a lot and it's due by the end of the month. .. .. so we'll c. . .. .cuz my dad also wants 2 get me my liscence. My mom would, but apparently u have 2 pay 4 insurance as soon as you get it, and my mom can't afford 2 do that right now.. . ..so idk .. . .. I may just have 2 wait. . .. .. hopefully not 2 long tho. I DONT wanna take D.E. again! Anyways, 1 Tree Hill 2nite! yay! I LOVE Tuesdays, just cuz I get 2 c that show! lol. .. sad.. . .I know.. . .Anyways, 4 some strange reason, I want a big, juicy/greasy burger! I mean, we're watchin SuperSize Me in Health, but that don't exactly make u wanna run out and buy a burger. . .at least not 4 most ppl. .. . myself included.. . .I just haven't had a burger since. . . . .Saturday night. . .lol.. .. ..I like my burgers u know? Anyways, I'm soooooooooo pissed! Apparently, I don't get a yearbook cuz we didn't pay 4 it in time.. . or rather.. . .I can buy one tomorrow for $70 (that's MORE than the regular cost of $50) and I'd have to pay in cash! Which I definitely know that neither my mom nor myself have.. . .. so it looks like I'm not gettin a yearbook. . ..even tho I ORDERED 1!!!!!!!!!! So apparently, somebody else is gonna get MY yearbook! GRR! That pisses me off! I could TOTALLY hand them a $50 check tomorrow, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they need $70 in CASH Ugh! I HATE ppl! I've realized I'm not much of a ppl person. I'm a better hermit crab that minds my own business. Sure, I love my friends, but other ppl just tick me off w/ thier stupidity! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, everybody is handing out finals reviews and I'm way to tired 2 do them, so I just come and talk on the computer like a bad girl. . . ..o well. They'll get done. . ..I'm sure I'll work on them in school and eventually. .. . .. Anyways, I guess that's all for now. Let's see, I've been happy, cranky, tired .. . . .yup. .. that does it 4 today. lol. Peace out! Lata! ~Ally~

Monday, May 16, 2005

An Amazing Weekend

Ok, first thing ppl might think about this weekend, that is wrong. .. I DID NOT GO 2 PROM! k, now that that's been said. I had an amazing weekend. I expcected to sit @ home (my dad's) and do NOTHING all day. Low and behold, my dad tells us we're goin somewhere. B4 I know it, we're @ 6 flags gettin our season passes. I was soooooooo excited! They helped me get over my fear of roller coasters. I rode the 2 rides I was the most scared to ride and I liked or loved both of them. The 1st one I was scared of was Titan. I LOVED it! It's my new favorite. .. .followed closely by the Rockin' Roller Coaster @ Disneyworld. Then, we rode the 1 I was most scared of. I cried, just sittin on the ride b4 we even went. Any guesses. .. . ????? Yup. . .Superman Tower of Power! It's the highest in Texas! I was sooooooooooo scared, but I did it, and it was kinda cool.....although I'd prolly scream again if I rode it again. I was so proud of myself. My bro and I (who is @ Pedernales @ the min. . . .lucky!) played a game, and the prize was Scooby Doo. I said "aw" and the guy runnin the game (according to my step-mom) thot I was cute. So, we were playin the game, and my bro was winnin, but the dude put his had in front of my bro's water gun thingy, so I would win! So technically, Scooby belongs 2 my bro, but he said I could have it as a reminder of how brave I was that day. Yay 4 nice brothers! Then, I had 2 work in the nursery, (on Sunday) so THAT was exciting. .. .lol. And, shockingly, Bryan wasn't wearing a black shirt! It was a polo shirt(which, I hate 2 say, NOBODY looks good in) that was white and had thin blue stripes. I was like. . "whoa! THAT'S new!" But 1 of the most exciting/interesting things is that my dad said he recieved an invitation to go 2 a gradaution. Ya, um, definitley my old crush TYLER! So ya, now I gots his sr. pic in my wallet/thingy. . .(he, he, he's so cute in his tux!). So ya, that was nice. . .but apparenlty his mom asked my step-mom if I still had a crush on him. . . .Can anybody say awkward????????? THAT was a lil freaky! But, w/e. So ya. . .my weekend was eventful and totally cool. Anyways, bye 4 now! ~Ally~

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blah, Blah, Day

Hey Magen! And whomever else happens 2 read my blog. Today was an ordinary day. Some of my friends are still floored at my new hair style. I don't blame them. Literally half of my hair got cut off. . .so it's quite a bit shorter than it has been for about a year. I just wonder what my Magen and my other Waco friends will say about it. Anyways, so this myspace.com thing is pretty wierd. U should try it. Apparently there are LOTS of ppl from my school on it. I havent completely figured it out yet tho. But o well. My friend that lives in Branson, I found out, is goin 2 the same church camp we r @ the same time. Her and Pastor Ray are collaborating and planning together. That would be soooooooo cool 2 c her. Of course, I would need Magen 2 cuz she would help me steer clear of boredom on the way there. lol. Gosh I love those chiks! They're ALWAYS there and TOTALLY understanding about EVERYTHING! I dont' think I've had true friends like that since I was about 5 or 6! Thanks 2 u chiks btw. I mean, all my friends are awesome, but they're my BEST FRIENDS that are ALWAYS there. Anyways, I dont' have much else 2 say. My mom is makin me & my bro go 2 her church 2day and go in the youth class. I nervous! I dont know ppl in there, and I'm not sure they'll b accepting of us. course, I thot that about WCF, and that's where the majority of my friends are. So, idk. Maybe I'll even find a potential b/f, since apparently this whole Bryan thing won't work out. I almost wanna just go up 2 him, ask 2 speak 2 him in private, and then tell him everything that's on my mind. But, I know I'm 2 chicken 2 do that, and it'll never happen, so I guess I just gotta get over it. It's easier since I only c him every other weekend, but I work 1 a month in the nursery. So really, I only c HIM 1 a month. It makes it easier in getting over him. I think I'm almost through. .. done. . .no longer likin him. I'm pretty well over him. yay me! lol. Anyways, that all 4 now. Bye Magen. . .and whomever else reads this. ..if anybody. . .lol. Love ya! Lata! ~Ally~

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Hey guys. Omg! Prom is this weekend and I'll b so glad when it's over! I'm soooooooooo sick of hearing ppl talk about it. Course, when it's over, everybody will be talkin about what happened & who made out w/ whom and so on. All that, blah, blah, stupid stuff. So ya, I guess either way I'll hear about it. O well. @ least the stuff AFTER Prom will b more interesting. lol. Anyways, today was an ordinary day. I got behind on my SAT studying hw/stuff that I make myself do, but I've caught up, so I'm good. Tonight is One Tree Hill!!!!!!!! I so excited! I LOVE that show! It's soooooooooooooo good! It keeps gettin better and better. Anyways, wow. Nothing 2 say. Not really much happenin,. . .as usual. So, I guess that's it. Short and sweet. O! I have 2 make a Poem 4 English, any kind of poem. Well, I wrote some poems last year, but most or all of them are about guys. Well, my teacher is gonna make a book 2 remember our class by, so I don't really wanna give him a poem about a dude I like or used 2 like. So any ideas about a type of poem and/or what I should write about, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Although, nobody reads this, so I guess it's no use. Lata. Peace out! ~Ally~

Monday, May 09, 2005

Mi Fin de Semana Loca! (My Crazy Weekend)

Hola! Bueno. Saturday I got my hair done, and lemme tell ya. . .I look HOT! People have been telling me they didn't recognize me and they LOVE my new hair. A few ppl even said I looked sexy. . .so I'm TOTALLY diggin it. lol. Ok, so Friday night I had my date. It was fun. We went to eat @ a Mexican restaurant called El Tapatio's. Es muy bien! I got the Fundido! Yummy in my tummy! Anyways, so then we went and watched Phantom of the Opera. I kinda liked it. I mean, it's not my fave, and it was kinda sad, but I liked it pretty well. Anyways, I might get my phone today. I so excited. Even tho it's only 4 family use, in MY school district, ur NOT ANYBODY unless u gots 1. And besides, I can use it on nights (after 9) and weekends. So, I'll still get 2 use it a bit 4 me. Anyways, yesterday I bought some cute, "summer" shirts. A couple of tanks and 1 halter/thingy. It's got a tie around the neck. .u know? Idk what they're called, but w/e. So THAT was fun. I also bought some new make-up yesterday. I look Sooooooooooooo hot today! lol. Well, hmm. There's this guy that's friends w/ Jess, and he's totally cute, but I definitely don't have a chance w/ him either. But hey, I can still look right!? I nervous about Sunday, and it's still a looooooooong way away. I just have 2 wonder what B.L. will think of my hair. . .although I dont really care what he thinks, cuz I love it. Besides, none of my friends will get 2 c it all special styled on that day, cuz I'll b workin in the nursery. I'll just have it pulled back. I can do it all special on the next Sunday I'm there.. ..*tear* That's the weekend Hill's graduating! My lil Hill is all grown up! *tear* It'll b really special. Any graduation ideas would be most helpful, btw. Plus, there's other ppl graduating like Tyler, and I'm pretty sure @ least 1 other person from church, but idk. W/e. I goin 2 c Hillary, and that all that matters. Anyways, I guess that's all I had 2 say. I had an interesting weekend/Monday. Guess there'll b more tomorrow. Lata. Ally . . .. . ..out! ~Ally~

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hey everyone! I'm sooooooooo excited about gettin my hair done on Saturday. I gettin blonde highlights, layers, and about shoulder length. I hope it looks cute. If not, just tell me it does. .. .. I know that most of u are blunt but pleez, if u don't like it. . .get over it & tell me u LOVE it. U know, I still think it's funny that I type as though I'm talkin 2 an audience. NOBODY reads these stupid things. If they do, they don't reply. I like 2 know if ppl r readin it, so if u r, pleez reply! Anyways, today was like any other day. But, the fact that I wore my flouncy skirt 2day seemed to grab ppl's attention and they say "oh, u look cute 2day." Suprisingly nobody said the usual "who/what r u all dressed up 4?" I HATE when ppl ask that. Especially here, cuz here, I gots NOBODY 2 dress up 4. I just like 2 dress up and look nice once in a while. Is that such a crime? Anyways, only about 3 more weeks left! Yay! Actually, 2 and finals week. I soooo excited! I really hope I can go 2 camp tho. Magen said she couldn't get me info thingy cuz they ran out. Hmm. .. .anyways, o! So my bro and I, luckily, were NOT forced 2 go 2 my mom's church yesterday. I convinced her that there were chores I could be doing instead. Tricky, tricky me! I mea, don't get me wrong. I like church lessons (if I can apply them 2 my life), I just dont' feel accepted @ that church. They're very. . .pentacostal. . .well, most of them anyways. I feel that they would smite me for wearing jeans and a hip t-shirt. But, w/e. idk. Anyways, I guess that's it 4 today. o! I dont' think I said this yet. I'M GETTIN A CELL PHONE! Ok, so it's actually on a family plan thingy. So I can't call my friends unless its' after 9pm on weeknights, or it's the weekend. Cuz that's when minutes are free. Anyways, that's it 4 today. Lots of luv. COMMENT PLEEEEZZZ!!! Lata dudes! ~Ally~

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fortune Teller

You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones you love. You have a lot of love and friendships in your life. Your love life will not be too great, but eventually you will find your soul mate. You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

courtesy of: www.quizarama.com

Whoa man, is this comp. messed up! Funky colors. I gotta change computers, but I will when I'm done typing. ..if there are still some available. Anyways, so it's Wednesday. I think my mom is going 2 make us go 2 the youth thingy @ her church here, .. ..and I'm soooooooo nervous. I don't like change, and I'm very shy......idk how that will work, .. ..but w/e. Maybe she just won't feel up 2 going 2night. Anyways, so apparently youth camp is in Branson this year. I hope I can go. $175 is kinda expensive when u don't gots much. Last years was slightly less expensive, and I had a blast. I sooooooooo wish I could go back 2 that. Maybe I would have been brave enough 2 talk 2 Bryan then, whenever it seemed as though he was lookin @ me. I still totally think he did, and I think he told that guy 2,. . .but that MY opinion. It could b TOTALLY off, but hey. . .a girl can dream right. . .although my dreams r becoming filled w/ less and less Bryan. Which is good. . .its been over a year that I've liked him. .. it's high time that I get over him. Anyways, I hate that I say that so much (anyways), it's a habit. It's a good word for changin subjects. Anyways, (lol), so my SAT studyin stuff is goin well. I do 1-2 vocab. lessons a day, and I do my Panic Plan 1 day/day. So, I'm doing quite well. . .although I haven't checked any answers yet. Well, I can't help but think that the week my brother goes 2 Perdenales (monday and tuesday) is the week right after Prom weekend. I think that some of the more popular ppl will still b hung over from Prom parties, but hey, that's just my opinion. Luckily, I don't have 2 worry about that. Since I'm not going, I'll prolly just stay home and do nothing (there ain't much 2 do @ my dad's anyways). So ya, not much else goin on, so I guess that's all. 16 more days of school!!!!! Luv ya! ~Ally~

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hey there. U know, it kinda sucks that NOBODY reads this. I mean, I bother to update it EVERY DAY, but ppl dont' read it. Oh well. It's a good way of getting my feelings out. Sometimes it's nice to have that. . .when u feel like u can't talk 2 anyone. Anyways, today was the same as every day. I got some SAT books yesterday tho, and I've been workin on them. One is vocabulary, and one is workin on the verbal and math sections themselves. So ya, that's been enlightening. Anyways, wow. .. I got nada.. . . .. . .. la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,. . . la,la,la,la,la. Sorry. I had nothin 2 say. lol. Omg! So I LOVE Simple Plan! We went 2 Barnes & Noble's the other day, and I listened 2 BOTH of thier CD's. They totally rock! I want both of them, but I think I like the first one better, cuz I know more songs on it. Anywho, I feel like I'm getting farther and farther away from my friends. It's sad! I mean, Rae and I are close, and so are Magen and I, but everyone else just kinda seems.. . . .away. Idk. Maybe I am the reserved one, but idk.....it bothers me. Well, I really gots nothin 2 say. OH! Except that Lindsey, Rae, a chik named Sadie(that I really dispise), Jeremy, and well, not really myself. .had a heated discussion. IT was soooooooooooooooo funny! Lindsey yelled @ Sadie, and I think Sadie got insulted.......it was friggin HILARIOUS! NOBODY at that table likes her, and we all find her extremely annoying, but she's like a bug. Lindsey aint that great either, but she's my football buddy, so I GOTTA be friends w/ her. Well, g2g. Mom comin soon. Lata! OH, the other day my dad was like "hey, maybe we could go to a Lorena football game when the season starts" and I said "sure" cuz as most of my friends know, I like football. I told my dad this and he said "ya, and u wanna c someone play." I was like "omg, w/e dad! I like the game!" It makes me angry! It's like he WANTS me and Bryan 2 go out, which is ok, but he needs to talk 2 Bryan about that, cuz HE DONT WANT ME! Anyways, REALLY gotta go now! Byeness ~Ally~

Monday, May 02, 2005

Scary Sunday

Ok. So, I so was NOT tryin 2 look like a hooker on Sunday. I thought my skirt was longer than it was. But I was wearing my long boots (almost 2 my knees), and shirt that showed a lil cleavage. I feel so dumb! I think ppl were a bit unhappy about that. THAT will NEVER happen again! Anyways, that's not even the scariest part. Memeber how I said I was dreading Sunday cuz of Bryan? Member how I said I was tyin 2 get over him? Ya, well, uh. . .. I a BIT confused now. Typically all the youth(including Bryan) sit on a certain side of the church (cept me and Magen). So Magen and I are sittin on the complete opposite side, and, amazingly, Bryan sits 2 rows behind us! On the same side I might add! I'm STILL confused about that! I sure wish he would quit playin games. grr! If he likes me, ask me out. ..if he don't. . ..then stop makin it seem like he likes me. U know, I prayed Sat. night that if I wasn't meant 2 go out w/ him, I would c him do/say something mean. . .so that I would dislike him. And if I WAS meant 2 go out w/ him, then another sign. Well, idk if sittin 2 rows behinde me is a sign. . .but I have 2 wander if maybe he just liked my outfit malfunction. idk. Anyways, I g2g look 4 an SAT book. I already feel dumb cuz most of my friends are takin AP's for college credit this week. . .but I'm not. . .I feel like such a loser. Anyways, despite what this blog may SEEM 2 say, I'm trying 2 get over Bryan still (and it was workin up til Sunday). Besides, he prolly wont like my haircut when I get it. I gettin it done Saturday. Blonde highlights and layers. I think it well be cool, but that's me. It seems as though most dudes like chix w/ long hair, and that won't be me. I only gettin it cut 2 my shoulders, but most guys like chix w/ longer hair than I gots now. .. even tho personality should TOTALLY be WAY more important. Anyways. .. that's it 4 now. Until lata.. . .Ally. . .. .. .out! ~Ally~