Monday, May 16, 2005

An Amazing Weekend

Ok, first thing ppl might think about this weekend, that is wrong. .. I DID NOT GO 2 PROM! k, now that that's been said. I had an amazing weekend. I expcected to sit @ home (my dad's) and do NOTHING all day. Low and behold, my dad tells us we're goin somewhere. B4 I know it, we're @ 6 flags gettin our season passes. I was soooooooo excited! They helped me get over my fear of roller coasters. I rode the 2 rides I was the most scared to ride and I liked or loved both of them. The 1st one I was scared of was Titan. I LOVED it! It's my new favorite. .. .followed closely by the Rockin' Roller Coaster @ Disneyworld. Then, we rode the 1 I was most scared of. I cried, just sittin on the ride b4 we even went. Any guesses. .. . ????? Yup. . .Superman Tower of Power! It's the highest in Texas! I was sooooooooooo scared, but I did it, and it was kinda cool.....although I'd prolly scream again if I rode it again. I was so proud of myself. My bro and I (who is @ Pedernales @ the min. . . .lucky!) played a game, and the prize was Scooby Doo. I said "aw" and the guy runnin the game (according to my step-mom) thot I was cute. So, we were playin the game, and my bro was winnin, but the dude put his had in front of my bro's water gun thingy, so I would win! So technically, Scooby belongs 2 my bro, but he said I could have it as a reminder of how brave I was that day. Yay 4 nice brothers! Then, I had 2 work in the nursery, (on Sunday) so THAT was exciting. .. .lol. And, shockingly, Bryan wasn't wearing a black shirt! It was a polo shirt(which, I hate 2 say, NOBODY looks good in) that was white and had thin blue stripes. I was like. . "whoa! THAT'S new!" But 1 of the most exciting/interesting things is that my dad said he recieved an invitation to go 2 a gradaution. Ya, um, definitley my old crush TYLER! So ya, now I gots his sr. pic in my wallet/thingy. . .(he, he, he's so cute in his tux!). So ya, that was nice. . .but apparenlty his mom asked my step-mom if I still had a crush on him. . . .Can anybody say awkward????????? THAT was a lil freaky! But, w/e. So ya. . .my weekend was eventful and totally cool. Anyways, bye 4 now! ~Ally~


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