Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blah, Blah, Day

Hey Magen! And whomever else happens 2 read my blog. Today was an ordinary day. Some of my friends are still floored at my new hair style. I don't blame them. Literally half of my hair got cut off. . .so it's quite a bit shorter than it has been for about a year. I just wonder what my Magen and my other Waco friends will say about it. Anyways, so this thing is pretty wierd. U should try it. Apparently there are LOTS of ppl from my school on it. I havent completely figured it out yet tho. But o well. My friend that lives in Branson, I found out, is goin 2 the same church camp we r @ the same time. Her and Pastor Ray are collaborating and planning together. That would be soooooooo cool 2 c her. Of course, I would need Magen 2 cuz she would help me steer clear of boredom on the way there. lol. Gosh I love those chiks! They're ALWAYS there and TOTALLY understanding about EVERYTHING! I dont' think I've had true friends like that since I was about 5 or 6! Thanks 2 u chiks btw. I mean, all my friends are awesome, but they're my BEST FRIENDS that are ALWAYS there. Anyways, I dont' have much else 2 say. My mom is makin me & my bro go 2 her church 2day and go in the youth class. I nervous! I dont know ppl in there, and I'm not sure they'll b accepting of us. course, I thot that about WCF, and that's where the majority of my friends are. So, idk. Maybe I'll even find a potential b/f, since apparently this whole Bryan thing won't work out. I almost wanna just go up 2 him, ask 2 speak 2 him in private, and then tell him everything that's on my mind. But, I know I'm 2 chicken 2 do that, and it'll never happen, so I guess I just gotta get over it. It's easier since I only c him every other weekend, but I work 1 a month in the nursery. So really, I only c HIM 1 a month. It makes it easier in getting over him. I think I'm almost through. .. done. . .no longer likin him. I'm pretty well over him. yay me! lol. Anyways, that all 4 now. Bye Magen. . .and whomever else reads this. ..if anybody. . .lol. Love ya! Lata! ~Ally~


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