Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Breakdown Anyone?

I wrote this a couple of nights ago. I'm guessin it was Sunday night, cuz I saw him Sunday morning:

"Help! I really like Bryan ****, but idk if he likes me. Idk anybody who could/would non-chalantly(casually) ask him. I WOULD say Heather, but apparently they once had an argument so idk if they are still friends. I wish I had tha courage 2 talk 2 him, but as usual, I don't. O well. This'll b just like tha others. It'll fizzle when I c his g/f (if/when he's got 1). It's depressing, but completely true. Why do I always like guys who DON'T like me? Why can't a guy like me 2????!!!!! I wanna b/f again! I tired of being single! It's been over a year! I want Bryan! *tear* Well, that's all 4 know. Byeness. ~Ally~"

I know, it's super depressing. I think I had a breakdown. But seriously, if anybody could or would b willing 2 help me out, I would greatly appreciate all efforts. Thanks lots! ~Ally~


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