Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Well, it's ONLY Tuesday. But, in exactly 1 week from today, I will be taking my finals for Algebra 2, English, and U.S. History. .. .. ugh! But, I'm glad it's almost summer. I'll get 2 go 2 my fave place a lot more. Ya, WCF.. . .my FAVE place. Cuz I learn about God and I get 2 see/talk 2 my friends also. What a deal! lol. I also plan on takin the annual trip 2 Schlitterbahn that my mom, bro, and I plan on every year. I might go 2 camp, but that's still in the works. The deposit is a lot and it's due by the end of the month. .. .. so we'll c. . .. .cuz my dad also wants 2 get me my liscence. My mom would, but apparently u have 2 pay 4 insurance as soon as you get it, and my mom can't afford 2 do that right now.. . ..so idk .. . .. I may just have 2 wait. . .. .. hopefully not 2 long tho. I DONT wanna take D.E. again! Anyways, 1 Tree Hill 2nite! yay! I LOVE Tuesdays, just cuz I get 2 c that show! lol. .. sad.. . .I know.. . .Anyways, 4 some strange reason, I want a big, juicy/greasy burger! I mean, we're watchin SuperSize Me in Health, but that don't exactly make u wanna run out and buy a burger. . .at least not 4 most ppl. .. . myself included.. . .I just haven't had a burger since. . . . .Saturday night. . .lol.. .. ..I like my burgers u know? Anyways, I'm soooooooooo pissed! Apparently, I don't get a yearbook cuz we didn't pay 4 it in time.. . or rather.. . .I can buy one tomorrow for $70 (that's MORE than the regular cost of $50) and I'd have to pay in cash! Which I definitely know that neither my mom nor myself have.. . .. so it looks like I'm not gettin a yearbook. . ..even tho I ORDERED 1!!!!!!!!!! So apparently, somebody else is gonna get MY yearbook! GRR! That pisses me off! I could TOTALLY hand them a $50 check tomorrow, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they need $70 in CASH Ugh! I HATE ppl! I've realized I'm not much of a ppl person. I'm a better hermit crab that minds my own business. Sure, I love my friends, but other ppl just tick me off w/ thier stupidity! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, everybody is handing out finals reviews and I'm way to tired 2 do them, so I just come and talk on the computer like a bad girl. . . ..o well. They'll get done. . ..I'm sure I'll work on them in school and eventually. .. . .. Anyways, I guess that's all for now. Let's see, I've been happy, cranky, tired .. . . .yup. .. that does it 4 today. lol. Peace out! Lata! ~Ally~


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