Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Finals-Day 1

Hello 2 all who read my blog! It's a beautiful, sunny, hot day outside in Texas 2day. lol. My exams 2day were pretty easy. My Algebra 2 one, well, it was the most difficult for 2day. I guessed on 5-10 questions, and it was the longest 2, but it was pretty easy 4 the most part. Specially since it was multiple choice (w/ 1 fill in the blank thingy). Anyways, English was the easiest, and U.S. History was so-so. Yuri, if ur readin this, I need ur autograph! We gotta figure out when 2 meet! Maybe b4 skool. Call me in da mornin, and we'll try 2 figure it out. Well, tomorrow is gonna b my hardest day. Health (i know, it sounds simple, but it's not) and Physics (ugh!). So ya, it's gonna b da toughest. But hopefully I'll dominate like I did 2day. Well, I ain't gots much 2 say. It was funny, ppl were always like "we should get 2gether and study 4 this final" and we never did. .. .lol.. . .. course, they all said that last week (a lil short notice), but w/e. Well, that's all I gots 2 say 2day. love ya peeps! Keep it cool! ~Ally~


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