Saturday, May 28, 2005

Graduation and Things

Well, it's OFFICIALLY summer vacation! yes! lol. I attended the Midway graduation yesterday, and I was excited. Hillary was adorable. I ended up knowing about 6 ppl. Congrats 2 the grads(even tho they prolly don't read this), u know who u are (Hill, Alex, Doug, John, Chris, Tyler). congrats! I also, unfortunately, saw my ex-Best friend graduate. ugh. And, the creepy thing, I saw my ex-bf! Luckily he didn't c me tho. THAT could have been a DISASTER. I mean, I was lookin cute & all, but I think we prolly would have said some not-so-nice things 2 each other. lol. But luckily he didn't c me. Anyways, after graduation, we went back 2 Hillary's house and had pizza and D.P. Then we all talked about guys, and how I want a b/f and they're glad 2 b single, or wanted 2 break up, or w/e. So ya. .. was interesting. This summer is gonna b hard on my heart! EVERYBODY gonna b hookin up w/ SOMEBODY, but not me. .. ..cuz apparently no guys like me. ..and if they do .. .I only like them as friends... . .at least to the extent of my knowledge. We ended up going 2 bed @ 3, and I got up @ about 8. It was weird. Then, we got donuts (yum!) and my dad came, went 2 my grandparents, ate over there, came home, took a nap. . .ate some dinner, and now I on the computer. So ya, 2day was kinda boring, but w/e. Tomorrow is church! And apparently I'm going 2 the mall w/ my friend cuz she gots graduation money. I just hope I can change into some jeans b4 we go, cuz I dont wanna go in nice clothes. .. .although it's not SUPER dressy (like I was last night) or n e thing. idk. So I guess I'll post again tomorrow, or Monday, or Tuesday. Monday, my parents r off and we're havin a BBQ. So idk if I'll get the chance 2 post or not then. Although, I'm only certain that 2 ppl read this, so thanks girls! Have an awesome summer! Lata! ~Ally~


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