Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hey again. Well, I was disappointed 2day. I saw Bryan, but I'm pretty sure that he, along w/ 2 of his friends, skipped church. O well. I guess it'll b easier gettin over him if I know he's doin that. But the last Sunday I was here, I'm pretty sure he was sittin behind me da whole time, so idk what that's all about. Confusing! Anyways, I met Magen's dad 2day, but he was in a hurry 2 leave, so I didn't get 2 talk 2 him lots or nothing. But he seems cool and I'm super glad that he's home now. And I know Magen is 2. Well, it looks like I'll b hur all summer(in Waco). Apparently, I'm gonna b working 4 my aunt doin lots of odd jobs 4 her business. Answering the phone, filing, watchin the children(cousins of mine-though not her children), makin lunch, etc. Just pretty much anything they tell me 2 do. Which is good, cuz I need 2 pay off my first fruits, and the time away from my mom will prepare me 4 how college will b next year (fall 2006). Plus, apparently I'll finally get my liscence this summer, and I'll start lookin @ cars. So that'll b fun. However, it'll make it SUPER hard 2 get over Bryan (unless he continues skippin church-I mean, I know Apostle's lessons can b boring and I may have no connection 2 them, but come on. . .. .if I can, he can) cuz I'll b seein him almost every Wed. night, and some Sundays. Healing Services, and maybe the "one" conference if they have 1 of those,. . .. so idk. . .. it's gonna b an interesting summer 2 say the least. Well, I was supposed 2 go 2 the mall w/ Hill 2day, but she hasn't called & she wasn't @ church, so I guess not. W/e. Anyways, I guess that's all 4 now. Maybe more later or tomorrow.


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