Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hey everyone! I'm sooooooooo excited about gettin my hair done on Saturday. I gettin blonde highlights, layers, and about shoulder length. I hope it looks cute. If not, just tell me it does. .. .. I know that most of u are blunt but pleez, if u don't like it. . .get over it & tell me u LOVE it. U know, I still think it's funny that I type as though I'm talkin 2 an audience. NOBODY reads these stupid things. If they do, they don't reply. I like 2 know if ppl r readin it, so if u r, pleez reply! Anyways, today was like any other day. But, the fact that I wore my flouncy skirt 2day seemed to grab ppl's attention and they say "oh, u look cute 2day." Suprisingly nobody said the usual "who/what r u all dressed up 4?" I HATE when ppl ask that. Especially here, cuz here, I gots NOBODY 2 dress up 4. I just like 2 dress up and look nice once in a while. Is that such a crime? Anyways, only about 3 more weeks left! Yay! Actually, 2 and finals week. I soooo excited! I really hope I can go 2 camp tho. Magen said she couldn't get me info thingy cuz they ran out. Hmm. .. .anyways, o! So my bro and I, luckily, were NOT forced 2 go 2 my mom's church yesterday. I convinced her that there were chores I could be doing instead. Tricky, tricky me! I mea, don't get me wrong. I like church lessons (if I can apply them 2 my life), I just dont' feel accepted @ that church. They're very. . .pentacostal. . .well, most of them anyways. I feel that they would smite me for wearing jeans and a hip t-shirt. But, w/e. idk. Anyways, I guess that's it 4 today. o! I dont' think I said this yet. I'M GETTIN A CELL PHONE! Ok, so it's actually on a family plan thingy. So I can't call my friends unless its' after 9pm on weeknights, or it's the weekend. Cuz that's when minutes are free. Anyways, that's it 4 today. Lots of luv. COMMENT PLEEEEZZZ!!! Lata dudes! ~Ally~


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